Here’s How You’re Overthinking Your Fitness Strategy

Are You Overthinking Your Fitness?Are you overthinking your fitness strategy? If you are, you’re far from alone. Millions of us do it on any given day, and it’s not hard to figure out why. There’s a huge amount of information out there about exercising and getting fit. Moreover, a lot of that information is conflicting. What are we to believe?

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5 Unbelievable Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

Top Benefits of Kettlebell SwingsNo matter your ultimate workout goals, the benefits of kettlebell swings may surprise you.  By adding this type of exercise to your overall routine, there is a great deal that you have to gain.  The reason is that while this may frequently be mistaken for weight lifting, these tools can actually be applied to an all-around workout that gives you everything from cardio to strength training and flexibility enhancement.

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Walking for Weight Loss? You’ll Be Shocked at How Many Minutes You Need

Walking for Weight Loss Minutes NeededWalking for weight loss is a very popular strategy. It is recommended in many different programs and most doctors will recommend that walking be a part of a regular active lifestyle. After all, you don’t need much in terms of equipment – only a comfortable pair of shoes – and you can do it virtually anywhere. Even when the weather is bad, you can walk on a treadmill at home or at a gym.

Other types of exercise can be tough to keep up with. Walking for weight loss comes far more naturally to most people than virtually any other kind of daily exercise. It’s great for your health and can indeed play a great role in contributing to a healthy weight loss strategy.

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How to Resume Your Failed Exercise New Year’s Resolution and Make it Stick This Time

Recover from Failed Exercise If you’re like 92 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions, you’re looking back at a failed exercise strategy by this point in the year. That said, this doesn’t make you a failure. It also doesn’t mean that you need to give up on fitness altogether. Instead, it means that you need to scrap the idea of a resolution and look at your fitness in a new way. It’s time to bring your efforts back to life in a more realistic way so that they’ll stick.

There is nothing wrong with a New Year’s resolution. Resolving to do something can be a very good step. However, using a date as your motivation instead of something else can leave you with a failed exercise effort and a lack of motivation to try again. Research has shown that there is a 46 percent difference between a person’s plan to exercise and the action they take to actually do it. More than 80 percent of American adults aren’t meeting the recommended minimum of 150 moderately-to-vigorously active minutes per week (as recommended by the World Health Organization).

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What Can Mindfulness Do for Your Healthy Fitness Level?

Mindfulness for a Healthy Fitness LevelWhen you’re working hard to keep up a healthy fitness level, it can be challenging to establish and maintain the right healthy mindset. After all, at the beginning, the novelty can make you highly driven. When you enjoy certain activities, it can seem as though you should do them as much as you possibly can for best results. When you’re unmotivated or tired, exercising can feel as though it is the worst thing in the world.

Doing too much or too little exercise is quite harmful to a healthy fitness level. That said, even when you’re doing everything by the book and are still managing to fit workouts in to your busy lifestyle, there can still be challenges. Often, that can include burn out. As great as workouts are for you, they’re one more thing on top of an overly busy life.

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Here’s How Not to Let a New Workout Routine Get the Best of You

New Workout Routine TipsA new workout routine can seem exciting when you first get started. However, if you’re not careful, you can end up facing a number of struggles, including injuries and other avoidable setbacks.

With fall now getting well into full gear, many of us are starting a new workout routine to enjoy the weather when it’s great out, but to let us keep up with our exercises when it’s cold or rainy. Many sports seasons have come to an end and, except for the warmer regions, even golf is starting to wrap up. Are you afraid of getting off on the wrong foot yet again? It is a risk, but it’s not inevitable.

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Make Your Workout into a Game and You’re More Likely to Succeed

Turn Your Workout into a Game Gamifying your fitness is a term that refers to turning your workout into a game. This practice may sound silly, but it’s getting great results. In fact, a growing number of studies are showing that by using this technique to turn your workout into a game, many people are more likely to succeed in meeting their goals.

When you really think about it, it makes sense. After all, when you turn your workout into a game, it becomes more fun, you have goals to reach for and your workout motivation is higher. The greater your motivation level, the more likely you are to actually complete your workout and give it your best performance.

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