5 Unbelievable Benefits of Kettlebell Swings

Top Benefits of Kettlebell SwingsNo matter your ultimate workout goals, the benefits of kettlebell swings may surprise you.  By adding this type of exercise to your overall routine, there is a great deal that you have to gain.  The reason is that while this may frequently be mistaken for weight lifting, these tools can actually be applied to an all-around workout that gives you everything from cardio to strength training and flexibility enhancement.

What Benefits of Kettlebell Swings Should You Expect?

Naturally, it’s always best to speak with your doctor before starting any new type of exercise or workout. The following information and tips are not meant as advice but is instead general information for an average healthy person. Remember that the best benefits of kettlebell swings occur when you’re doing your workouts safely.

That said, if you use the right guidance and focus on your form, the benefits of kettlebell swings as a part of your workout can include:

  1. A full body workout
  2. Improving your overall and functional strength while building muscles
  3. Supporting your cardio fitness
  4. Contributing to a weight loss strategy
  5. Improving and maintaining your balance, flexibility and posture

Safety Tips to Ensure You Get Your Best Injury-Free Workout

To make sure you get the best benefits of kettlebell swings, it’s vital to keep safety in mind. After you’ve confirmed with your doctor that these workouts are appropriate for you, remind yourself of the following safety tips with each movement.

  • Use the lower half of your body – Remember that the main power for your movements comes from your hips and legs, not your arms. That said, these shouldn’t look like squats. They’re thrusts.  If you’re unsure as to how to properly complete these movements, be sure to speak with a personal trainer who can guide you and check your form.
  • Don’t aim too high – Keep your kettlebell swings below shoulder height to get the best benefit and prevent injury. There is no advantage to trying to aim higher than that level, but it does cause you to break form and risks setbacks.
  • Mind your posture – Always keep your core engaged so you’ll have great posture as you complete each movement for the best benefits of kettlebell swings. This will also prevent you from leaning back, which can place unnecessary strain on your lower back. Let your core muscles hold you upright. Think of having an imaginary string that runs from the top of your head to the ceiling.

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