Get a Low-Impact Cardio Workout Without Busting Your Knees

Low-Impact Cardio Workout Without Hurting KneesA low-impact workout cardio workout is a great way to help you to reach your fitness goals.  If you’re hesitant because of sore joints or risking hurting your knees, then remember that it’s a matter of choosing the right exercises, not choosing whether or not to do them in the first place.

A Low-Impact Cardio Workout Doesn’t Get Enough Credit

When many of us think of cardiovascular exercise, the first image that comes to mind is often running.  That said, pounding our way down the sidewalk isn’t exactly easy on the joints. Fortunately, it’s far from the only exercise available to get the same cardiovascular and fat burning results.

For many people, running is fantastic. That said, for the rest of us, a low-impact cardio workout is exactly what is needed to do the trick.  Remember that when it comes to the best exercise, what counts is the one your body responds to, not what has made it to the beginning of a top ten list. So, if you hate running, if it makes you ache, or if it’s not good for your joints, then it’s not the option for you. Still, you have perfect alternatives to make sure you get the physical activity you require.

Benefits of a Low-Impact Cardio Workout

The goal of your low-impact cardio workout is to use exercises to raise your heart rate and get the blood moving through your body. You’ll also increase your respiration, training your lungs and heart to work more efficiently for oxygen delivery to your muscles.  This is also great for overall health and for weight control.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Heart Association both recommend 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week – or a combination of both – for the best health benefits.

Popular Exercise Choices

Among the most popular choices for cardiovascular exercises are high impact.  Burpees and box jumps, for instance, are a great way to get the heart pumping, but also land directly on the feet and joints as well as the lower back.  For anyone with issues in the lower back, hips, ankles, knees, or even foot arch issues, these moves can be too much of a strain despite the way they can strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Low impact cardio workout exercises are gentle on your joints while still being able to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Use the following types of exercises to achieve the results you’re seeking:

  • Jump-free plyometric exercises
  • Modified bodyweight moves
  • Speed boxing

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