What to Do When You’re Almost at Your Weight Loss Goal

when you're almost at your weight loss goal

You have been working super hard and are almost at your weight loss goal. What now? What do you do as you get closer to reaching that target and moving on from there? Can you start to ease off what you’ve been doing?

It’s probably not the time for you to assume everything is back under control so you should begin eating junk food five times per week. It also doesn’t mean you can stop exercising every day. However, the fact remains that the situation has changed. Continue reading

These Helpful-Sounding Weight Loss Tips Will Set You Back (a lot)

Weight Loss Tips That Set You BackWeight loss tips can make a very pleasant difference in getting faster or easier results. That said, this positive difference is achieved only if the tips you follow are beneficial. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad advice continually circulating and that can be detrimental to your efforts.

Following the wrong weight loss tips will not only stop you from improving your results. This can also cause you to find it harder to lose weight than you did before – or could even risk causing you to gain.

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