What to Do When You’re Almost at Your Weight Loss Goal

when you're almost at your weight loss goal

You have been working super hard and are almost at your weight loss goal. What now? What do you do as you get closer to reaching that target and moving on from there? Can you start to ease off what you’ve been doing?

It’s probably not the time for you to assume everything is back under control so you should begin eating junk food five times per week. It also doesn’t mean you can stop exercising every day. However, the fact remains that the situation has changed.

Your First Step When You’re Almost at Your Weight Loss Goal: Celebrate

Never forget that you’ve been working very hard and you’re nearly there. You have paid attention to your food, your fitness, your sleep and a great deal more. It hasn’t been easy. Your self-discipline has been incredible. Use this time to plan a celebration for yourself.

Not only will this be a lot of fun when you reach your target, but it will motivate you until you get there. While you’re almost at your weight loss goal, it can feel like the last stretch is the longest. You’re only a pound or two away, but you’re not there yet. Suddenly, you feel every day and every hour. Planning your celebration can pass the time and drive you forward to achieve your goal!

Enjoy Treats but Don’t Overdo it

You’re almost at your weight loss goal, which means you’ll soon be able to ease off your efforts. This doesn’t mean you can stop eating smart and exercising. It means you’ll soon be able to start having a few more treats now and again.

The reason is you’ll have a bit more wiggle room with your calories. After all, since you’re not trying to lose weight, your calorie limit will reflect maintenance instead. This should give you more calories each day. Therefore, you’ll be able to fit in a treat now and again. The trick is to keep your portions reasonable and to consider treats as just that: treats. Taking diet pills that work to boost energy on days that you plan to indulge could help you make up for the extra calories through being more active. You’ll have more energy to add some extra oomph to your activities, which helps you burn off those additional calories.

Keep Up Your Efforts Right Up Until You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Just because you’re almost at your weight loss goal, it doesn’t mean that you’re there yet. As much as you can feel great about yourself and allow yourself some treats, remember to be reasonable.  If you want to keep losing weight until you’ve made it to your goal, then you need to keep up the habits you’d been using all along.

After all, you didn’t lose the rest of the pounds by falling back into old habits.  You needed to keep on top of your healthy diet and your fitness program. Therefore, if you want to continue in that same direction, you still need to follow the healthy lifestyle you’ve established.  After all, you won’t be returning to old habits even after you’ve lost all the weight.  You may relax things a little, but it doesn’t mean you’ll completely revert to the lifestyle that caused you to gain the weight in the first place.

Keep Up Your Accountability Even When You’re Almost At Your Weight Loss Goal

Just because you’re almost at your weight loss goal, it doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for watching what you eat. You need to remain accountable for your food and activity levels. Even if you’re not tracking your food and exercise every day, it’s still a good idea to do it.

For example, try keeping up the habit on weekdays, even if you stop on weekends. That way, you’ll remain conscious of your nutrition and fitness habits. If you start to stray from where you should be, you’ll be aware of it. Set yourself up for long term success even though you are almost at your weight loss goal.

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