Replace Beef Burgers with These Veggie Burgers to Lose Weight

Veggie Burgers to Lose Weight

Most people love burgers, but they are not the healthiest dietary choice. They can cause all sorts of problems for the body. However, giving up beef burgers altogether may be difficult for fast food lovers. But then again, you can always substitute it for an equally tasty yet healthier option–a vegetable burger.

It may not sound as scrumptious, but a veggie burger is sure to leave you craving more. The best part about having veggie burgers to lose weight is that they are safe to eat. They do not cause the same complications in the body as beef burgers do. Moreover, veggie burgers help you lose weight. Let’s look at some options for replacing beef burgers with veggie burgers to lose weight.

Onion Burger

This burger incorporates onions, mushrooms, and breadcrumbs. Simply grind all of the ingredients together and add spices that you like, and you’ve got yourself a great veggie burger. The best part is that you can add or subtract any burger ingredient according to your preferences. A perfect combination with this burger is cheddar cheese or goat’s milk cheese. These cheeses are extremely healthy and low fat, and they taste scrumptious with these burgers.

Lentil Burger

If you want to make the perfect lentil burger, you need to add carrots and egg whites to the equation. In addition to this, you have to make sure that the lentils are dried. This burger will have a hefty quantity of fiber and will keep you full for hours. The best part is, a lentil burger is completely healthy and has an extremely small amount of fat.

Mushroom Burger

Looking for the perfect alternative to a meat burger? Then the mushroom burger is definitely worth a try. Portobello mushrooms are the closest alternative to meat. They taste delicious, and you won’t even be able to tell if you are having meat or mushrooms. All you need to do is grill these mushrooms and add some olive oil. For enhanced taste, you can add corn, garlic, peas, and basil. This is one veggie burger you will not forget. In fact, this is one of the best veggie burgers to lose weight, as it has zero fat.

Quinoa and Sweet Potato Burger

Quinoa is an ancient grain that is unique in that it contains a complete protein.  This, combined with its great nutty taste, makes it a top choice for veggie burgers to lose weight.  Combined with a mashed sweet potato, this type of burger becomes substantial, high in fiber, delicious, and has a hit of protein your body will love.

Because of the flavor of the sweet potato, this is also an easy hit with kids.  It makes the burger a sweeter option than many other meat alternative burgers. If you’re not a fan of sweet foods for lunch or dinner, it’s easy to tone that down using your favorite herbs and spices.  Top with different types of pickle and/or salsa and you have an easy favorite on your hands.

Simulated Beef Burger

As we try to focus more on non-meat options such as veggie burgers to lose weight, get healthy and even be kind to the environment, alternatives are popping up all over the place. The Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat Burger, and others have become must-try items.  They’re found in a growing number of places, namely at our favorite fast food chains.

These may not technically be healthy, and they may not technically be veggie burgers to lose weight, but they have their benefits.  For instance, they let you experience a tasty burger at a lower calorie hit than their beef alternatives (assuming you control your toppings).  They also provide a range of additional nutrients.  They’re not quite a healthy option, but they can be considered healthiER and LowER in calories than traditional fast food beef burgers.

The Bottom Line About Veggie Burgers to Lose Weight

There are many speculations and opinions to the effect that veggie burgers do not taste as good as beef burgers. However, the main issue is that veggie burgers need to be prepared a certain way. If you add the ingredients properly, the veggie burger may taste even better than a beef one. Can you use veggie burgers to lose weight? It’s all a matter of which ones you choose, how you top them, and whether or not you eat a bun with it (and what kind of bun that happens to be!).

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