These Helpful-Sounding Weight Loss Tips Will Set You Back (a lot)

Weight Loss Tips That Set You BackWeight loss tips can make a very pleasant difference in getting faster or easier results. That said, this positive difference is achieved only if the tips you follow are beneficial. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad advice continually circulating and that can be detrimental to your efforts.

Following the wrong weight loss tips will not only stop you from improving your results. This can also cause you to find it harder to lose weight than you did before – or could even risk causing you to gain.

Watch Out for These Unhelpful Weight Loss Tips

Do a Juice Cleanse

Fortunately for dieters, juice cleanses have been plummeting in popularity. These high-sugar, low-protein, low-fiber diets can lead to a spectrum of problems. It may seem as though these ultra-low calorie diets cause rapid weight loss. That said, they also cause even more weight to be regained very quickly after their done. This is because they can result in muscle breakdown from the protein deficiency, and can slow down the metabolism so that when you eat normally (even at a reduced calorie level), you will find it harder to lose weight and very easy to gain.

If you want to make sure your system is cleansed, use its own natural functions. Eat healthy, clean, whole foods within a reasonable calorie range and macronutrient balance. The liver and kidneys already give you a cleanse. By eating healthy foods, no additional help is necessary.

Banking Calories for Later

Many diet programs suggest that skipping meals or eating very lightly for a few days can mean that you can eat whatever you want afterward. Unfortunately, this often works against you. Skipping meals – which is not the same as intermittent fasting – seems as though it would naturally reduce calorie intake. However, individuals who do this are usually hungrier throughout the rest of the day, particularly after they do finally eat, and will be more likely to overeat during the meals and snacks they do consume.

Banking calories by eating less than what you should for one or several days in order to use those calories later on also works against you. It slows the metabolism so that the calories you eat later on have a greater impact than they would have if you’d eaten them during your originally assigned range. With a slower metabolism, your body will burn the same number of calories more slowly. Therefore, you risk reducing weight loss or producing weight gain./p>

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