Substantial Weight Loss Greatly Reduces Cancer Risk, Says This Study

Substantial Weight Loss and Cancer RiskResearch has long shown that substantial weight loss among obesity patients can help to reduce the risk of a long list of different medical conditions. High on that list, alongside cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are many forms of cancer.  That said, a new study has shown that losing this weight via bariatric surgery can also be beneficial in this way.

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Top 3 Reasons New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions Fail

Why Weight Loss Resolutions FailWeight loss resolutions have a terrible track record. Depending on the stats you read, you might see that only 8 to 15 percent are successful. Even on the upper end of that scale, it’s not a very promising statistic.

Still, it doesn’t mean that if you set weight loss resolutions for yourself, you will fail. It just means that if you want to succeed, you will likely need to build a better understanding of why others often fail. By doing so, you can make sure that you don’t travel that same path. Instead, you can follow the much less traveled path used by those who have been successful. Continue reading

Use Your Bathroom Scale This Often to Motivate Weight Loss

How often to use your bathroom scaleWhen you’re trying to lose weight, learning to use your bathroom scale is often a key tool. That said, every person and every program seems to have a different opinion regarding the ideal number of times you should weigh yourself.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, and from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, sought to determine exactly how often you should use your bathroom scale for the most weight loss motivation.

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3 Natural Weight Loss Remedies You Should Never Use

Never do These Natural Weight Loss RemediesMany people automatically assume that natural weight loss remedies are easy and effective. While many can be very helpful for achieving a goal, just because they’re natural, it doesn’t mean that they actually work.

There are lots of great natural weight loss remedies out there, but it’s important to be careful as some of them can cause more harm than good. The following are some of the ones you’re better off avoiding, regardless of how often you see them or who recommends them.

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