Top 3 Reasons New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions Fail

Why Weight Loss Resolutions FailWeight loss resolutions have a terrible track record. Depending on the stats you read, you might see that only 8 to 15 percent are successful. Even on the upper end of that scale, it’s not a very promising statistic.

Still, it doesn’t mean that if you set weight loss resolutions for yourself, you will fail. It just means that if you want to succeed, you will likely need to build a better understanding of why others often fail. By doing so, you can make sure that you don’t travel that same path. Instead, you can follow the much less traveled path used by those who have been successful.

Here Are the Top 3 Reasons Weight Loss Resolutions Fail

Use this information to make sure your weight loss resolutions don’t fail. Pay attention to what typically goes wrong and take the steps you need to keep your efforts from going that way.

You Don’t Plan to Fail

One of the top reasons most weight loss resolutions fail is that they don’t plan to fail. Therefore, the inevitable setback isn’t just a learning experience or a stumbling block. It becomes an end. If you don’t recognize that there will be times when things don’t go right, you won’t be ready for them. They can make you feel like a failure and then, if you’re like the vast majority of people, you will quit.

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You’re Not Realistic

It’s fun to set big goals. We want to be able to run a marathon, lose 75 pounds before the end of the year or accomplish something else enormous. The problem is that for most people, doing a huge amount of accomplishing within a small amount of time isn’t realistic. It doesn’t take long before things don’t go as planned. As soon as they’re even slightly derailed, it’s hard to remain motivated to continue.

After all, if you were expecting to lose 3 pounds per week, every single week, as a part of your weight loss resolutions, that 1 to 2 pounds per week you’re actually losing will soon make you feel as though you will never catch up and reach your goal. The motivation will fizzle and it’s likely you’ll give up. Be realistic when you set your goal and be willing to adjust your goal – and the road to getting there – as you find out how things play out in real life.

You’re Not Specific

Saying you’re going to be healthier next year but it doesn’t give you much direction. Be specific! Check out this guide to a healthier you in the New Year from Sharefit.

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