3 Natural Weight Loss Remedies You Should Never Use

Never do These Natural Weight Loss RemediesMany people automatically assume that natural weight loss remedies are easy and effective. While many can be very helpful for achieving a goal, just because they’re natural, it doesn’t mean that they actually work.

There are lots of great natural weight loss remedies out there, but it’s important to be careful as some of them can cause more harm than good. The following are some of the ones you’re better off avoiding, regardless of how often you see them or who recommends them.

Bad Natural Weight Loss Remedies Worth Avoiding

Try to avoid the following natural weight loss remedies. If you’re ever unsure about a strategy’s safety or effectiveness, always speak with a physician before giving it a try.

1 – Lemon Water with Cayenne Pepper

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However, experts say this is far more likely to cause nausea, dizziness, fatigue and headaches. It’s a form of starvation diet that deprives the body of nutrients and will not cause fat loss and detoxification as much as it will encourage muscle loss. As a result, it can lead to a slower metabolism and less healthy body. Moreover, doing this regularly could cause strain to the heart and boost the risk of heart attack.

2 – Juice Cleansing

Doctors and other health experts are thrilled that the fad of juice cleansing is going out of fashion as a natural weight loss remedy. Many people thought this would help them to lose weight and flush out toxins for many years. Unfortunately, this is actually more likely to be bad for you than helpful in any way. In fact, the nutrition benefits of juicing as a whole are starting to be called into question by a growing number of nutrition experts. The odds are that you will lose a touch of weight on these cleanses, but you will inevitably gain it back almost immediately after returning to a normal healthy diet.

3 – Gluten-Free Dieting

Gluten-free dieting is another fad doctors are hoping will go out of style as a natural weight loss remedy. While helpful to those who have celiac disease, eliminating gluten can cause temporary weight loss before causing weight to rebound, and may increase the risk of heart disease and other heart related problems.

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