Could Eating Dirt Be the Secret to Overcoming Obesity?

Eating Dirt for ObesityRecent research is suggesting that eating dirt may help make it easier for people to lose weight. The research remains in early stages, so it is not yet conclusively known that this option can be used as an obesity treatment, but some remain hopeful.

The study about eating dirt didn’t begin as obesity research. Instead, the University of South Australia were examining the way clay dirt materials were absorbing medicine. That said, while they conducted their study, they stumbled upon a completely unexpected discovery.

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Use Your Bathroom Scale This Often to Motivate Weight Loss

How often to use your bathroom scaleWhen you’re trying to lose weight, learning to use your bathroom scale is often a key tool. That said, every person and every program seems to have a different opinion regarding the ideal number of times you should weigh yourself.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, and from the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, sought to determine exactly how often you should use your bathroom scale for the most weight loss motivation.

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