3 Ways to Make Your Foods Crispy Without Deep Frying

make foods crispy Crispy and crunchy foods can make meals just that much more appealing. After all, nobody ever said they hope their French fries will be good and soggy! That said, many foods that have a crisp texture are deep fried in order to achieve it. This may be great on the taste buds, but not very good in the calorie count or in the health department.

Fortunately, making foods crispy isn’t something available exclusively to the deep fryer. There are several other ways to enjoy a sharp crunch when you bite into your meals and snacks.

Here are three great ways to enjoy crispy, crunchy foods at home without any master chef skills required.

1. Eat raw foods – Raw veggies and some raw fruits have an incredible crunch all on their own! If you’re looking for a crispy snack, reach for a bowl of veggies and a yogurt-based dip. You’ll get that crunch you’re seeking with a lot of nutrients to go with it. You’ll also be far less likely to overshoot your calorie budget for the day and you’ll avoid all that excess unhealthy fat. Not to mention the fact that you’ll give yourself a huge fiber boost.
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2. Faux-frying – Foods that are typically coated in crumbs to make them crispy don’t have to be deep fried to get that fantastic crunch. Oven bake them in the exact same crumb mixture you would use in the fryer. They cook up just as crispy and with a fraction of the unhealthy fats.

3. Shallow-fry – Instead of immersing foods into a deep fryer, you can use a small amount of healthier fat in a nonstick pan. Cook the food, turning to make sure each side has adequate contact with the pan to crisp it up and make sure the food is cooked all the way through. This method does still involve frying in oil, but you’re using far less oil and will be able to choose an option that is far better for you than what you would likely be using to fill your deep fryer.

These methods each have their advantages and disadvantages. Keep tweaking and practicing to get them right. You might find that you like one recipe done with one method, while another recipe fares better using a different method. It’s worth it to use a bit of trial and error to discover the cooking method best suited to the crunchy food you’re craving that day.

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