Does Standing All Day Count as Exercise?

Is Standing All Day ExerciseWe’re told that sitting isn’t great for us, but is standing all day really better? Is it worth it to have your usual desk replaced with a standing desk? If you’re required to stand in one place for hours on end at your job, are you getting any more benefit than being seated on a couch?

We all know that exercise is good for us. The image of the desk job is typically considered to be one of the least healthy lifestyles. The average healthy adult is supposed to get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week to remain healthy and improve longevity. This is the official national guideline for the United States to reduce the risk of a large number of diseases. Continue reading

3 Ways to Make Your Foods Crispy Without Deep Frying

make foods crispy Crispy and crunchy foods can make meals just that much more appealing. After all, nobody ever said they hope their French fries will be good and soggy! That said, many foods that have a crisp texture are deep fried in order to achieve it. This may be great on the taste buds, but not very good in the calorie count or in the health department.

Fortunately, making foods crispy isn’t something available exclusively to the deep fryer. There are several other ways to enjoy a sharp crunch when you bite into your meals and snacks. Continue reading