The Link Between Obesity and Bowel Cancer Risk

Bowel Cancer Risk and ObesityThe odds are that this is the last topic you’d like to discuss or read about in your day, but the link between obesity and bowel cancer is serious enough that it’s important that you pay attention. There are many different risk factors that are linked to this disease. That said, only some of them are within your reach to do something about them. Genetics might be out of your hands, but when it comes to certain other risks, there are changes that can be made to help reduce them.

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Weight Loss Methods That Nutritionists Wouldn’t Use

Weight Loss Methods Nutritionists Don't UseWhen you’re looking for the best weight loss methods it can feel as though there are as many options out there as there are stars in the sky. It can become very challenging to identify the ones that will ideally suit your needs and expectations, particularly when there are such a large number that make astronomical promises.

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What Your Total Fat Intake Should Really Be

What Should Your Total Fat Intake Be?There is a lot of different information out there about what your total fat intake should be. Read on to help decode the mystery and find the answer appropriate to your nutrition. Of course, it’s always recommended that you speak with your doctor when it comes to making major changes to your lifestyle, exercise or nutrition. Don’t forget to take that step!

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Weight Loss and Health: How to Have Them Both

Get Both Weight Loss and HealthWeight loss and health are often considered to be related.  After all, if you are at risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease or even certain cancers, one of the first things your doctor will recommend is that you lose weight if you are overweight. However, while the two can be connected, this doesn’t mean that they automatically are. How you choose to burn off the extra body fat is a major determining factor as to whether or not it’s really healthy for you.

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How a High Fat Diet Changes Gut Bacteria

High fat foods and gut bacteria

There are a lot of different diet plans that are on the market right now. Some of them ask you to eat a healthy dose of all the important vitamins and nutrients while others might focus on decreasing one too much and increasing the other in the process. One of the diets that can cause some issues is a high fat diet.

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How Vitamin D Improves Weight Loss

Vitamin D for Weight LossThough lifestyle as a whole is typically what dictates weight control, did you know that your vitamin D levels might also play a role in how easily you gain, lose or maintain? Of course, it’s important to point out that simply not getting enough sunlight isn’t enough to explain the obesity epidemic in our part of the world. However, the “sunshine vitamin” could be one of many factors influencing your challenges to reach your goals.

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Sedentary Behavior Causes More than Weight Gain

Sedentary Behavior

With the way that most modern jobs work, it is not that uncommon for sedentary behaviors to be the normal more now than ever before. People are sitting at desks all day long to get things done instead of being outside and moving about. But the issue with this kind of sedentary behavior is that it is really bad for your health.

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Can Sleeping Longer Help You Lose More Weight?

Lose More Weight with sleep

These days, many of us look at sleep as a luxury, but it might just be the key to helping you to lose more weight. In fact, it is key to helping you to improve many parts of your overall health in order to help your body and mind function at their best. If you think about it, there’s a reason that health experts promote sleep as an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

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The Connection Between High Fitness Levels and Hypertension Risk

Hypertension Risk and high fitness level

There is really no debate that being physically fit is wholly beneficial to a person’s overall health. However, new research is more precisely pointing to the fact that an adequately high fitness level might actually reduce a person’s hypertension risk.

Indeed, there seems to be a clear connection between a person’s physique and his or her blood pressure. Still, a lot of people just do not understand how one can affect the other. When it all boils down, educating yourself on the matter can ultimately help you to motivate yourself to work out more often or more strenuously.

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