The Benefits of Daily Exercise Over Time

benefits of daily exercise Regardless of whether you’ve been taking a bit of a break from your workouts or you’ve never really been much for keeping up an active lifestyle, there are a huge number of fantastic benefits to daily exercise. Many of these benefits start almost immediately while others build up over time.

If you’re getting ready to become more active, your body will show you appreciation in many different ways. Consider the following advantages you can expect to see over time when you keep up a daily – or nearly daily – exercise routine over time.

• After 1 day – Even on your very first day of exercising, your blood flow to your brain will increase. You’ll experience greater awareness and alertness and will feel more awake. You’ll also enjoy an increase in your epinephrine hormone production, which helps to reduce pain, boost your motivation and even make you smarter!

• After 1 week – Once you’ve completed a few cardio workouts as well as a couple of strength training sessions and some flexibility exercise, your cell mitochondria will reproduce rapidly. Since mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells, you’ll find that after a week, you will already have more energy. You’ll start boosting enzyme production for better muscle performance and your immune system will already gain support.
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• After 1 month – At the two- to four-week mark, you will start to feel your fitness level and even strength beginning to improve. You’ll find things becoming easier, even when they used to challenge you. You may also be able to see some muscle changes in the form of size, shape, tone or strength. Your nervous system will have improved its efficiency in muscle contractions. You will also be burning more calories and stored fats even while you’re sedentary or sleeping. Overall day to day physical activities will begin feeling easier overall. You’ll also find that recovery from your workouts isn’t as painful or long and you won’t fall victim to fatigue as easily.

• After 6 months – You will have experienced considerable improvements in the way you look and in the efficiency of your muscles. You will also have considerably better endurance. Your heart will actually have grown and improved its efficiency as a result of the additional stretching and pumping it has been doing. Furthermore, the resting heart rate will have fallen, meaning that the heart can pump more powerfully and doesn’t need to do so as frequently. As a result, blood pressure will fall as will the risk of heart attack. Moreover, recovery from heart issues will be likely be faster.

Keep going at it and you may improve your cholesterol. Moreover, your bone health can considerably improve just from keeping up the regular workouts you should be doing anyway. So enjoy your workouts. You’re doing more for yourself than just keeping your waistline trim!

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