FAQ: Why am I Gaining Weight When I’m Trying to Lose It?

FAQ Answer: Why am I Gaining WeightSo many people find themselves asking “why am I gaining weight?” This is particularly frustrating when you’re attempting to lose. After all, if you’re putting your heart and soul into a diet, weight gain is the last thing you want.

It makes “why am I gaining weight?” one of the top most asked dieting questions. Interestingly, what may look like weight gain on the scale may not actually mean you’re adding fat. If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to speak with a doctor or a registered dietician.

The Answer to “Why am I Gaining Weight?”

There are several potential reasons to explain why the scale reads a higher number than you think it should. Consider the following reasons you might be asking: why am I gaining weight when I should be losing?

You could be retaining water.

Have you eaten a lot of salty foods lately? Is it possible that you’re dehydrated? You could be retaining water. Remember that your bathroom scale will measure that weight the same way that it will register body fat. Get hydrated and weigh yourself again in a few days. That could make all the difference.
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You may be eating more calories than you realize.

Use a nutrition tracker and enter every bite of food and sip of drink you have every day. Keep this up for at least a week. Are you eating as many calories as you thought? For many people, accidental overeating can explain why they’re asking: “why am I gaining weight?”

You might be gaining muscle.

If you’ve been keeping up a healthy fitness program, you may be building lean muscle in your legs, arms, abs, shoulders and back. This will help you to burn more fat than you did before. That said, it also registers on the scale. Therefore, you may seem to be gaining weight, but you’re still losing fat!

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