How to Keep Losing Weight During Fall Months

Keep Losing Weight During Fall

Losing weight during fall months doesn’t come easily to many of us.  In fact, as the weather starts to get cooler, many of us find ourselves more inclined to eat heavier foods.  We lose that drive to get up and get active that we had in the summertime.  Suddenly, that fresh, crisp, cold salad has lost all appeal, particularly when compared to something rich and warm with a creamy sauce.

Does this mean that losing weight during fall seasons is out of the question? Of course not!  It’s a matter of a change in perspective. You need to view the autumn months as a fresh start, just as you would in the spring.  The summer is over, so it’s time to begin certain things anew, including getting the most out of exercising outside while it’s cool enough not to get overheated but not so cold you just want to run inside!

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