How to Keep Losing Weight During Fall Months

Keep Losing Weight During Fall

Losing weight during fall months doesn’t come easily to many of us.  In fact, as the weather starts to get cooler, many of us find ourselves more inclined to eat heavier foods.  We lose that drive to get up and get active that we had in the summertime.  Suddenly, that fresh, crisp, cold salad has lost all appeal, particularly when compared to something rich and warm with a creamy sauce.

Does this mean that losing weight during fall seasons is out of the question? Of course not!  It’s a matter of a change in perspective. You need to view the autumn months as a fresh start, just as you would in the spring.  The summer is over, so it’s time to begin certain things anew, including getting the most out of exercising outside while it’s cool enough not to get overheated but not so cold you just want to run inside!

Leaving Summer Behind

You’ve been bringing down the pounds throughout the summer when it has been easy to swim and eat salads all the time. However, losing weight during fall months can feel more challenging. The days aren’t as long, so you don’t feel as ready to get up early for that run at dawn. The weather is cooler so swimming isn’t nearly as appealing. Moreover, the crisp evenings make you crave heavier foods while salads have lost their charm. What do you do?

If you want to keep losing weight during fall season months, you’ll need to put a strategy into place. This will need to involve certain thoughts regarding both the way you eat and the way you exercise. After all, you managed to fit both weight loss components into your life during summertime. You can’t simply drop them because the weather is getting cooler.

Tips to Help With Losing Weight During Fall Months

Use the following tips to help you with losing weight during fall months:

  • Exercise outside – Get used to paying attention to the weather so you can choose the right gear to wear to be visible, safe and comfortable.
  • Buy the right gear – You are likely going to want to layer your clothes so you can be warm at the start of your workout but can open up a jacket or zip to cool down as you go. Buy clothing that breathes and that allows you to adjust it as your body temperature changes. Don’t forget that you will want shoes that won’t slip when wet or when you step across wet leaves. Look for clothing with reflectors so you will be visible to drivers.
  • Build a few indoor workouts – Create an indoor exercise routine that involves cardio and strength training. If your home isn’t conducive to this type of workout, consider a three month gym membership over the darkest and coldest months of the year.
  • Head to the farmers market – If you’ve lost your summer thrill over fresh vegetables, then head to your local farmers market to get it back. There are tons of great fruits and vegetables in season right now.  One of the great things about buying local foods in season is that they’re typically the options that will appeal to you the most at this time of year!  Not sure how to prepare a butternut squash?  Never much liked beets? Bored with sweet potatoes?  Talk to the farmers!  They’ll give you some great ideas to bring the appeal back.  You’ll be surprised at how many things farmers can do with the food they grow, all within a reasonable budget and with accessible ingredients.
  • Cook in batches and freeze extra portions – One of the best things you can do for losing weight during fall weather is to bring out your slow cooker or Dutch oven and cook a giant batch of your favorite homemade healthy soup or stew. Whip something together with all those great fresh ingredients you bought at the farmers market and give them the time to cook to perfection. Make a massive batch – since it takes less time to make a big batch than it does to make two smaller ones – and freeze the extra portions.  Suddenly, you have healthy, home cooked meals ready for your microwave whenever you don’t feel like cooking and would otherwise get take-out.
  • Buy frozen fruits and veggies – If you’re not impressed by the fresh selection in the produce section at your grocery store, head to the freezer aisle. It’s just as nutritious as fresh food that is in season and far more affordable. This is particularly handy when you want to keep berries in your home.
  • Eat healthfully before going to a holiday party – this year, fill up on nutritious homemade soups and salads before you go to a holiday party. That way, you’ll eat less of the rich and calorie-dense delights being served. You’ll be able to enjoy a taste without over indulging.

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