Should You Stick to Your Workout Schedule When You’re Sick?

stick to your workout when sickIt’s important to stick to your workout schedule to be able to keep up your healthy progress. That said, should you still be pushing through your gym sessions if you’re sick?  There are many factors to consider if you’re debating whether or not physical activity is a good idea for you. Fortunately, there is a rule of thumb that can help to make the decision even easier to make.

Should You Stick to Your Workout When You’re Sick?

To start, as much as you might want to stick to your workout when you’re sick, if you have something that might be contagious, give other gym-goers a break and keep your sweat session to your own home, outside, or somewhere else that you won’t be spreading it around.  If it’s not something you’re likely to spread, then the next decision is whether you should be exercising at all.

The key is to understand the type of illness you have, and the symptoms it is causing. By paying attention to the symptoms, you’ll be able to use the rule of thumb in making this choice.

The Rule of Thumb

When it all comes down to it, the golden rule of deciding if you should stick to your workout even if your sick is whether the symptoms are above the neck or below the neck. Usually, if your symptoms are isolated to being above the neck, go ahead and do your exercises if you want to. In most circumstances, it is likely safe to do so. If they’re below the neck, you

For instance, if you have a runny nose, mild sore throat, mild ear infection, or a headache, but you don’t have a fever, you are likely fine in most circumstances to stick to your workout.  However, if you are suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, etc), muscle pain, body aches, a fever or something else below the neck. In those cases, it is an indication of a systemic illness in which the entire body is using this inflammatory response to fight off the illness. In those cases, resting for 48 hours is typically considered best. Then, you can reassess and decide if you’re ready to go back to sticking to your workout again.

Don’t Stick to Your Workout if You Don’t Feel Like It

The other factor worth taking into consideration is if you actually feel like you should stick to your workout. If you feel tired, run down, or that it’s just not right for you, trust that instinct.  If you feel like you do want to move around, but in shorter sessions or at a lower intensity, trust that instinct too.

Even once you’re feeling better, don’t forget to pay attention to those same feelings. Keep taking your immune support supplement and eat nutritious meals while staying hydrated. You can still stick to your workout at 75 percent to let yourself rebuild.  That way, you will know that you can move forward safely with your exercise and keep your progress going.

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