Tips for Reversing Oktoberfest Weight Gain Fast

Reverse Oktoberfest Weight GainIf you weren’t extra careful while you celebrated, Oktoberfest weight gain could easily have crept up on you. After all, when you’re drinking lots of beer and eating a ton of high sodium sausages, breaded foods, and even pastries, then the waistline is the first to rat you out.

But just because you experienced Oktoberfest weight gain, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around right away. The day your celebrations are over, decide on a plan of action and put it into place. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Don’t tell yourself you’ll get around to it. Start immediately with a strategy ready.

Turn your Oktoberfest weight gain around by using the following tips:

Keep eating – starving yourself isn’t going to help anyone. It will make you miserable and it will be unpleasant for everyone around you who needs to put up with you. A diet that leaves you hungry will fail sooner or later. It’s better to focus on healthful, filling foods that will keep you feeling satisfied. This is particularly important right at the start of your day. Eat boiled or poached eggs with your breakfast. If you don’t want eggs, choose cottage cheese. It’s surprisingly high in filling protein.

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Move around – changing your eating habits may be very helpful but so is physical activity. It will give you a healthier body overall and will help you to keep up a positive attitude because exercise is great for your mood. Burn through extra calories with a morning or afternoon walk you should be taking anyway. Go swimming to give your entire body a workout. Do some yoga to improve your flexibility, posture and balance while boosting your mood. Work on some strength training to improve your joint health and make yourself stronger.

Avoid salt, added sugar and white flour – all these foods are very hard on your body. They cause you to retain fat, retain water and crave sweets. Gradually reduce them until you have eliminated as many of them as possible from your diet. It will make a world of difference to your rate of weight loss.

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