Property Brothers Star Drew Scott Has Lost Weight on DWTS

Drew Scott has lost weight on DWTS


Dancing with the Stars is one of the top shows on television right now, and it is really fun to watch your favorite celebrities learn how to dance professionally. But what a lot of fans don’t realize is just how great dancing is when it comes to losing weight. Take it from Drew Scott, who learned rather quickly that dance is a great form of exercise.

Continue reading to learn more about how Drew Scott has lost weight on DWTS.

Pre-Show Training and Weight Loss

The new season of DWTS is set to premiere soon, which means the celebrities are already training with their professional dancing partners. Drew Scott, who is famous for his role on Property Brothers, has been training hard, and he has revealed to the press that he has already lost a whopping 27 pounds just from pre-show training sessions! Now that’s impressive!

Drew Scott, who is 39 years old, has stated that he was surprised that dancing serves as such a great workout. He also went on to say that he feels great now that he has lost the extra weight. He hasn’t been this slim in many years, so the weight loss is clearly a pleasant and welcomed surprise.
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Adjusting His Diet for DWTS

Drew Scott has lost weight because of his dancing sessions, but he has also adjusted his diet too. This came easily for him because he has a background in both personal training and kinesiology. He understands how to adjust his eating habits, as well as his exercise habits, in order to get the maximum benefits from his efforts. For example, he has cut out junk food like pizza, and he has also reduced portion sizes. For his workouts, he has added more yoga, cardio, and weight training to the mix as well. And it is obvious that it is all working very well so far for him!

Looking Forward to the Premiere

Drew is definitely ready to take the stage and start dancing, and fans of his will probably notice right away that he looks leaner than he has in the past. As he continues training and dancing, he may even continue losing more weight and feeling even better.

Want to Give Dancing a Try?

It is amazing to see that Drew Scott has lost weight already just by training for the start of Dancing with the Stars. Perhaps you have been inspired to join some local dance classes or purchase workout DVDs that will get you dancing at home and losing weight too? If so, we recommend that you go for it!

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