5 Zumba YouTube Videos That Make Getting Fit Fiercely Fun

Fun Zumba YouTube videos Zumba has become an exceptionally popular way to get an intense cardio workout. From having once been quite difficult to find, it’s now possible to get into a workout through fast paced dance moves that will get you sweating and put you in a great mood at the same time. That said, even if it’s your preference to take a class, there are times when it’s hard to fit one into your schedule. You need to do your workout when it’s best for you and that’s not always the same time that the Zumba class is scheduled at your local gym.

Zumba brings in virtually every kind of dance dance music from pop to salsa, from hip-hop to meringue and from raggaeton to dancehall. No matter your taste, you’re sure to enjoy what it has to offer while it gives you a fast moving and upbeat workout.

When you can’t get out to your favorite Zumba class, it doesn’t mean you need to miss your workout altogether. Here are a few great options you can find for free online:

1. Salsation – This video is a low budget recording of a highly motivated class. It’s six minutes long and is everything you need to feel great from the very start. The point of this class isn’t to achieve perfection. Instead, it’s to feel great, move around and get the workout done quickly so you can move on with your day.

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3. Ricardo Rodriguez –  If you’re a fan of both Zumba and “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, then you might be surprised that you don’t already have this video on your playlist. It’s challenging enough to be a lot of fun for people who are more experienced with Zumba but at the same time, they’re within reach of people who are just getting started for the first time.

4. Zumba with Sid – This video doesn’t give the best first impression because it starts with a lot of babbling among the dancers, but at the 50 second mark, everything changes and it turns into a great workout that makes you feel strong and fit while you work your entire body. Great workout for beginners because none of the individual moves are too demanding and many repeat long enough for you to get the hang of them before moving on to the next one.

5. Carnaval – If you’re looking for a great short zumba video to start your day bright and happy, throw this one on right before your morning shower. You won’t even need a coffee!

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