Spirulina Weight Loss Benefits

Spirulina Weight Loss benefitsGreen smoothies, green juices and other types of greens have become extremely trendy, placing spirulina weight loss benefits into the spotlight. Various types of seaweeds and algae have become a growing trend for eating healthfully. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses and many have some claims made about them that are quite surprising. Are these truly the miracle foods they claim to be or are they just another form of hype to make their way into the nutrition and diet industries?

To understand the true spirulina weight loss benefits, it’s a good idea to examine what this food is truly about. Spirulina itself is actually a microscopic single celled blue green algae organism. Some scientists believe it to be the close ancestor of the first forms of life on Earth. It contains a wide spectrum of different nutrients, which is what has earned it a name as a “superfood.” The nutrients it contains include essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins B, C and E, as well as chlorophyll.

As a microscopic organism, you can’t simply take advantage of the spirulina weight loss advantages by biting into a big chunk of it. It’s too small. Instead, it is usually sold in the form of powders, capsules or tablets. You can swallow it as a pill, add it to juice or a smoothie or take it in some other similar way. It’s a good idea to pay careful attention to the usage directions on the package for a spirulina product as more is not necessarily better.

To date, there isn’t a tremendous body of research that would support claims made about spirulina that would directly link it to fat loss. Taking this ingredient in the form of a capsule or as a powder added to foods has not been found to make people weigh loss on a bathroom scale. However, the high nutrient content within this superfood can help to contribute to an overall healthy diet. The healthier your nutrition, the more efficient your weight management.

Therefore, in that way, there is a spirulina weight loss connection. It can help to support the function of your various organs and systems and boost the nutrition you receive throughout your digestion. As a result, you can expect to experience overall wellness and energy boosts from taking this ingredient – you may even find that your hunger is not as sharp on days when you’ve added it to the mix – but keep in mind that when you see pounds coming off, it’s the result of your lifestyle as a whole and not because of these supplements.

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