Top Reasons Why Your Workout Routine Isn’t Working Out

Workout Routine Isn't Working out anymoreExercise is vital to good health and weight management. However, there are times when you can put everything into it and yet your workout routine isn’t working out for you. Why does that happen? Why is it that you feel like you’re dedicating yourself to the right activity level but just aren’t getting the results you want.

While nearly every kind of physical activity is good for you, if your workout routine isn’t working the way you want it to, you may need to make some changes. If you’re hoping to tone up your body and lose weight in the process, then you may be feeling rather disappointed if that’s not what’s happening. Weeks or months of sweating should be showing up on your scale or should at least be reflected in the mirror.

If your workout routine isn’t working, consider the following reasons that this may be the case:

· Your routine hasn’t kept up with your fitness level. If you have been doing the same workout and haven’t increased the difficulty level as your fitness has increased then it simply giving you the challenge it once did. Without challenging yourself, you won’t get the results you’d become accustomed to experiencing. If your workout isn’t as challenging anymore, increase the amount of time that you do it or boost its intensity. More reps, more weight or a faster stride for example.
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· You’re overdoing it. Believe it or not, you can actually hold back your workout results by working out too hard. If you don’t rest enough and if you push your muscles too hard or too long you’ll start to break them down instead of giving them a boost. If you feel tired all the time, if you feel headachy, or sore on a regular basis, then you may be overtraining. This will reduce the quality of your performance and won’t let you get the results you want. Instead, switch up the type of workouts you’re doing and take time to rest your muscles.

· There isn’t enough variety to your workout. If you’re only strength training or only doing cardio then you’re likely not giving your body enough of a chance to reach its potential. Yes, you’ll have strengthened your cardiovascular system and will have burned calories if you do only cardio. However, you won’t have built any more muscle. Strength training lets you build lean muscle which is a natural fat burner. Without promoting proper muscle tone, your metabolism will never be at its best.

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