How Much Weight Loss Can 3 Months of Dieting Achieve?

how much Weight Loss in 3 Months How much weight loss can you expect from 3 months of lifestyle changes such as dieting?  Many people would love to know just what to expect from all the efforts they make on their own behalf.  Though it may be difficult to predict precisely how many pounds will be gone in any specific window of time, as long as you have the right attitude, that’s perfectly okay.

Should You Try to See How Much Weight Loss You’ll Achieve in 3 Months?

Wanting to know how much weight loss you’ll achieve in 3 months is perfectly healthy. This is particularly true if you do your research and set realistic expectations.  By looking into this and using trusted sources – such as your doctor or reliable websites – you’ll avoid setting your goals much too high or much too low. You’ll also come to understand that there is a difference between a plan and reality and that a certain amount of flexibility is necessary, even when it comes to weight loss goals.

It would be wonderful if it were possible to lose 10 to 20 pounds every week.  However, any plan to lose that amount of weight is unhealthy and will be harmful to your weight control over the long term. It’s far better for your motivation, health and weight loss to aim for slower, gradual, realistic goal setting.  Most doctors will recommend that you aim to lose between 1 and 2 pounds per week until you reach your goal.  After that, you will slightly change gears to maintain the lost weight.

What Should Your 90-Day Goal Be?

If you plan to follow the typical doctor-recommended rate of weight loss, then this means you’ll be aiming for 1 to 2 pounds per week over a period of about 12 weeks.  This means that you may see between 12 and 24 pounds of weight loss through a healthy strategy that includes:

  • Calorie and/or macronutrient (carbs, proteins, fats) control
  • Regular exercise
  • Regular quality sleep
  • Stress management

Naturally, the specific figure is impossible to calculate.  It depends on exactly what lifestyle changes you make, how you make them, how well you maintain them, and your body’s own metabolic rate.

Therefore, as you settle in with your strategy, you’ll begin to better understand how much weight loss you’ll have in 3 months.  It isn’t necessarily something you’ll know right from the start.  That said, as you get to know your own body and the way you adopt your lifestyle changes, you’ll gradually build a better concept of what your expectations should be.