The Biggest Signs Your Thyroid Isn’t Healthy

Signs Your Thyroid Isn't Healthy

The thyroid gland is located in the neck and is responsible for regulating the body’s energy. Its primary function is to control how quickly the body utilizes the stored energy. In addition to this, the thyroid gland is responsible for determining when protein is required by the body. Hormone sensitivity of the body is also controlled by the thyroid gland.

Why is It Important to Watch for Signs and Symptoms of an Unhealthy Thyroid?

The gland functions by producing hormones of its own. These hormones, in turn, regulate the body’s energy. If the thyroid gland is not functioning properly, one could experience immense difficulty in performing the simplest tasks. Even if the signs your thyroid isn’t healthy aren’t all that dramatic or extreme, they could be indicating that a much greater problem is lying beneath.

Moreover, since your thyroid impacts so many different functions in your body, if it’s not working properly, you won’t just find yourself declining in one part of your health but many. It’s far better to correct this issue early on than wait too long. If you have this gland checked early, you might find that correcting the issue is nothing more than taking a low dose of a common prescription drug.  Waiting too long can leave you facing issues not only with this glad but several other impacted parts of your body.

This is why you should look out for signs of thyroid problems and seek treatment as soon as possible.

Signs Your Thyroid Isn’t Healthy

Let’s look at the biggest signs your thyroid isn’t healthy.  If you feel that you are experiencing these or other common symptoms of a malfunction in the gland, be sure to talk to your doctor.  That way, if something is indeed wrong, you can work to correct it as soon as possible.

Feeling Exhausted Regularly

One of the signs your thyroid isn’t healthy is exhaustion. If you are active throughout the day, you should not have problems identifying this issue. Look for signs of premature exhaustion while performing routine activities. For instance, if you normally walk to work and are facing difficulties getting even halfway for no apparent reason, you may be experiencing thyroid problems. Be sure to get a thorough check-up whenever you feel exhausted for no reason.

Severe Constipation

Constipation is not a red flag for most people. It usually occurs when your fiber intake is not sufficient. As soon as you bring your fiber intake up to par, your bowel movements will return to normal. But there are times when you may not get any relief even after you ramp up your fiber intake. This is when you need to consult a doctor. Constipation over a long period of time can be a major issue, and prolonged constipation may be a sign of thyroid gland problem.

Significant Weight Gain Without Reason

Out of all of the signs your thyroid isn’t healthy, the most common is significant weight gain. The weight gain is almost overnight and quite obvious. If you start gaining weight all of a sudden for no reason, be sure to have your thyroid checked. This may be a sign that your thyroid is not healthy. When you have an unhealthy thyroid, you will have problems regulating the body’s energy. Not only will you feel lethargic, then, but you will also gain weight.

Cramping Muscles

There are many reasons for muscle cramps. This is one issue that should never be taken lightly at all costs. If you are experiencing muscle cramps, then you should get help immediately. Muscle cramps are not always the sign of a serious ailment. If you only suffer from muscle cramps once in a while, you should not have any problems. But if this is a regular problem for you, it is best to get help. At times, cramping occurs only because one has weakness or stress, but it can also indicate an unhealthy thyroid.

If you experience any of the above mentioned ailments, you should check with a doctor immediately. These are some of the most common signs your thyroid isn’t healthy. That said, there are many others.  After all, this gland can be underactive or overactive and each one produces its own list of symptoms.  If something seems off, take your symptoms seriously and have them checked out.

At best, they won’t be anything major or difficult to manage.  However, if your thyroid isn’t working right, then it is best to be able to start treating it early before it can do any damage to the rest of your body by throwing your hormones out of balance over time.

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