Sedentary Behavior Causes More than Weight Gain

Sedentary Behavior

With the way that most modern jobs work, it is not that uncommon for sedentary behaviors to be the normal more now than ever before. People are sitting at desks all day long to get things done instead of being outside and moving about. But the issue with this kind of sedentary behavior is that it is really bad for your health.

Dangers of Sedentary Behavior

Here are some of the health issues you will need to watch out for if you live a sedentary lifestyle and why you need to get up and get moving every day.


The first issue that can arise with sedentary behavior is cancer. There is a study that was done that showed those who are inactive are about 40 percent more likely to get breast or colon cancer compared to those who were considered active. If you want to decrease your risk of cancer developing, get up and move around.

Insulin resistance

Those who are more active are more able to prevent this from happening, which means that they are less likely to develop diabetes at some point. A study showed that for every two hours you watch TV, you can severely increase your risk of diabetes. This might be overblown a bit, but it still shows a point.

Cognitive decline

Those who sit around all day are more likely to have some form of decline in their mental capacity. They will not score as well on memory tests and are more likely to have trouble with information like names, dates, locations, and other things. Getting up and moving allows you to keep ahold of this important information.

Heart attack and stroke

Those who partake in sedentary behavior are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. It has been shown that those who are active in some way at least three hours a week will be able to cut the risk they have of heart attack down by half, and the same can often be said when it comes to having a stroke. Keep your heart healthy and move about as much as possible.

Body changes

When you are sedentary, you risk what is known as sitting disease, in which you will find that it is easier to lose your muscle mass as well as the density that is in your bones as minerals will disappear more quickly. Your weight is going to go up too as you are more than likely taking in many more calories than you are working off in a given day.


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