What Is the Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal Procedure?

Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal informationPrimary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal (POSE) is a procedure through which you can lose weight. If you want to lose weight through surgery after you have weighed in all other options or because it is affecting your health, POSE could work for you. However, this procedure is different than surgeries because it does not require incisions and the whole process is safe. It is considered a safe alternative to bariatric surgery.

Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal works through insertion of a small endoscope, which goes through your mouth and into your stomach.

Then, using tissue anchors, folds will be created in your stomach. Via these folds, the size of your stomach is reduced considerably. This enables you to eat less and yet feel full, ensuring you reduce your caloric intake.

It is a relatively new procedure so there is no proper info available on exactly how much weight you can lose. But patients have lost 30% of body fat within 3 to 12 months. One of the biggest benefits of POSE is that you will have no scars or marks on the skin, as the entire procedure is performed through your mouth. The procedure is also reversible, in case the patient experiences any problems.
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There are some minimal side effects related to the procedure. Patients may get nausea or sore throat. After the procedure, you will have to follow an all-liquid diet for the first 2 days. You can return to a normal diet after a few days, but the volume of food consumed will naturally be reduced. This is the proven benefit of the surgery as your stomach loses some of its capacity and you will become full on less food.

Although no surgery is completely risk-free, Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal is a relatively safer procedure when compared to other bariatric surgeries. You can resume your normal routine after a few days. To be a suitable candidate for this procedure you have to stick to the diet and exercise plan afterwards. Also, you have to be strong willed enough to stop eating once you feel full. Keep in mind, the success of POSE depends on your ability to meet these requirements.

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