Pokemon Go Calorie Burn Information

Pokemon Go calorie burn info It would be lovely if the Pokemon Go calorie burn data was readily available through one of our favorite fitness tracking apps, but that’s simply not the case. The problem with that is that the impact you have on your body while you try to catch ‘em all is dependent on many factors.

Many people are praising this mobile app because they’re saying that people are getting a great Pokemon Go calorie burn they never would have received before. It is encouraging people who would otherwise be sedentary to get out and move around. But is all this time you’re spent “walking” around really giving you any benefit in terms of physical fitness?

Is there really a Pokemon Go calorie burn worth tracking? While the game is peeling people off their couches and is sending them outside, the truth is they’re not moving very fast. The speed people are walking, on average, when they play the game is not typically the equivalent to a brisk walk. Instead, it is much closer to a casual stroll. Moreover, it involves a number of stops which would cause any buildup in heart rate to fall again.

Still, the question of whether or not there is any physical fitness benefit to using the Pokemon Go app is worth considering. There have been many people who have tried to test the potential fitness advantage of this app. They have tried comparing the length of time they would take to walk a certain distance when simply walking to the time it would take to travel the same distance while playing. There have been others who have compared the data collected on their fitness trackers while playing and while simply walking.

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The difference isn’t that noticeable when you’re actually playing, but it is meaningful enough that it will cut down your fat burning. Therefore, while playing is certainly better than inactivity, it likely shouldn’t be included on your list of exercises completed that day.

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