These Intense Olympic Lifts Blast Away Body Fat All Day Long

Intense Olympic Lifts to burn fatPerforming intense Olympic lifts during your workout routine could have dramatic effects on your body’s ability to burn fat all day long, so if you want to build strength and increase your metabolic rate to slim down more efficiently, consider adding the following techniques into your exercise schedule.

The Barbell Jump Squat
Do some barbell jump squats to build up the power within your hips and your quads. Start by placing the barbell on your back and the dropping down into a squat.

Jump up next, but focus on landing as softly as you can. Then repeat. Bear in mind that this workout can put a good amount of stress on the joints, so always start off with a weight that’s about 30% of the maximum amount of weight that you can lift.

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To increase the size of your traps, develop your core, and get strong legs, the dumbbell snatch can work wonders. This is an exercise that’s accessible to everyone, and it will also keep your shoulders safer than traditional snatch exercises. Simply begin by lowering one dumbbell in front of your body as you bend at the hips and slightly bend the knees. Rapidly extend the ankles, knees, and hips as you jump and pull the dumbbell over your head. Keep the elbow above your dumbbell, and make sure the dumbbell is close to the body too. Then catch your dumbbell at the same time as the heels touch the floor. Use both of your hands to lower your dumbbell down from the top, and then repeat.

The Clean-and-Jerk
The clean-and-jerk is yet another one of the many intense Olympic lifts that you can do at the gym with the appropriate amount of weight. The clean aspect of the exercise occurs when you pick up the bar off the ground and then raise it up to shoulder level. The jerk part of the exercise comes in when you press the weight away from the shoulders and over your head.

Remember to always perform intense Olympic lifts with the proper form so that you can avoid injuries. It’s a good idea to always have someone there to spot you, just in case you end up needing some extra help and support. You should also only work with light weights when you are first starting off, and gradually increase the weights as you become stronger. And to burn even more fat, consider taking a product like TrimThin X700 to boost your results.

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