Top Psychological Obstacles to Weight Loss

top obstacles to weight loss

When we think of weight loss overall, we tend to focus so much of our effort on the physical aspects. We want to look a certain way and that will help us feel better about ourselves. We want to enjoy life more and that means that we have to work out and eat right, therefore controlling the physical attributes of all of this.

Not All Obstacles to Weight Loss are Physical

It makes sense that so many of us turn to the physical aspects, but it’s actually much more about the mental and emotional aspects too. You might be surprised to learn that the psychological obstacles to weight loss can be your biggest downfall. If you’re having trouble losing the weight and keeping it off, then you may want to look closer at your mental picture of health.

Struggles with Ourselves Are Leading Obstacles to Weight Loss

The problem that so many of us have is how we feel about ourselves. If you are constantly underestimating yourself or telling yourself you’re not good enough, this can work against you in a number of ways. First and foremost, this can act as a true obstacle for weight loss, but it can also contribute to bigger problems, such as depression and even anxiety.

The more you focus on the negative, the harder it is to lose the weight—and the downward spiral and negative cycle continues! If you get in touch with what your biggest obstacles to weight loss are and then try to work through them, you will be much happier and more successful in the long run.

Are Your Weight Loss Obstacles Self-Created?

Though you may have created your own obstacles to weight loss you can certainly overcome them. With the right attitude and a true willingness, you can break through the cycle and ensure that you take the weight off for good.

You give into emotional eating and work against yourself

One of the biggest obstacles is turning to food for comfort. You may be bored, lonely, sad, upset, angry, or a whole range of emotions and you therefore turn to food to find that sort of comfort. Though the food may fill a void for awhile, you are eating far more than you need to and therefore contributing to weight gain in the process. Learning to cope with your problems in a healthy manner will ensure that you get a hold of your weight loss and also enjoy better mental health in the process.

You don’t think you’re worthy and therefore don’t put in the effort

This is a bigger problem than you may realize, and it may be much more involved than acting as one of the great obstacles to weight loss. If you don’t feel worthy, then you are your own worst critic. You are telling yourself constantly that you’re not good enough or that you don’t deserve good things and weight loss may rank high on that list. Though you may very well want to lose the weight, you don’t feel that you’re good enough and you tell yourself that you will never be successful—and the negativity continues until you take control of the process!

You feel that you are incapable of the hard work

Sometimes it’s just so much easier to be sedentary or lazy. It’s much harder to work hard at the gym or to prepare healthy meals, and so because it takes that effort you tell yourself that you aren’t capable of doing it. Though you do have what it takes you tell yourself that you’re lazy and you put yourself down, and therefore work against your very ability to lose the weight in the first place, which is a terrible problem to have.

You have an unhealthy relationship with food that works against you

You may have learned unhealthy habits early on in life, or you may have developed them later in life. You may make food the enemy or find it to be the only thing to soothe you after a bad day. Having an unhealthy relationship with food can act as one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss.

You Can Overcome Psychological Obstacles to Weight Loss

Though all of these unhealthy habits can be overcome, it starts with a recognition that you are worth it and that you can do what it takes to get results.  Easier said than done? Certainly, it’s not just a matter of making that choice – at least not for most of us. Instead, take on your physical, mental and emotional wellness at the same time. Think of our psychological obstacles to weight loss in the same way as your physical ones.

These are issues to take seriously and to work to overcome. Just as you learn about fiber and protein to overcome your challenges with hunger, you need to look into the ways you’re hard on yourself and discover the steps to rise above them as well.

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