Eat This Metabolism Boosting Bedtime Snack This Holiday Season

Best Metabolism Boosting Bedtime SnackIs there such a thing as a metabolism boosting bedtime snack? The holiday season makes this type of question more important than virtually any other time. After all, it’s at this time of year that we’re most likely to suffer from unwanted weight gain. With treats everywhere and bulky sweaters to cover the damage, it’s difficult to come up with a reason not to indulge.

That said, even on days when you’ve been good about what you’ve eaten, it doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be immune to hunger at bedtime. Research says that it’s typically better to have a little something before than it is to go to bed feeling hungry. That said, not all snacks are created equal. Make sure you select a metabolism boosting bedtime snack that will work with you, not against you.

Research Debunks Popular Metabolism Boosting Bedtime Snack Beliefs

Recent research published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that, contrary to popular belief, water isn’t the best choice for a bedtime snack. While it is always a good idea to be hydrated, drinking a ton of water at night may not be the best idea. After all, while drinking water first thing in the morning is a great idea to speed up the metabolism, you’re also more likely to be able to use the bathroom whenever you need to.

On the other hand, drinking lots of water at night as a metabolism boosting bedtime snack almost guarantees you’ll be up several times during the night. Equally, the research also pointed out that spicy foods are not the greatest metabolism boosters. They showed that the impact from eating spicy foods as a bedtime snack isn’t great enough to make much of a difference.

What is the Best Metabolism Boosting Bedtime Snack?

According to the research, your best option is to have some plain cottage cheese as your metabolism boosting bedtime snack.

The research team was led by associate professor of nutrition, food, and exercise sciences, Michael Ormsbee, PhD, from Florida State University, and research dietitian Samantha Leyh, RD, from the Air Force. It involved the participation of female participants in their 20s. They were given cottage cheese, a casein protein supplement, or a placebo as a metabolism boosting bedtime snack. They ate the snack 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed.

The participants then had their resting energy expenditure (REE) measured ahead of going to sleep. When the participants woke up in the morning, their REE was measured again. The results showed that cottage cheese was the best metabolism boosting bedtime snack and also resulted in the best muscle recovery.

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