Healthy Dinners for Less Than $5: Try These Valuable Recipes

Healthy Dinners for Less Than $5These days, it can feel like health foods and our wallets are at odds with each other. That said, it is possible to make healthy dinners for less than $5 that are also delicious and filling. The more of these meals you learn over time, the more you can save and afford to cook healthfully on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that healthy dinners for less than $5 aren’t all created equal. For instance, if they’re not filling, you will find yourself feeling hungry and you’ll only end up having to eat more. Eating more drives up the cost of the meal and negates the entire idea of the affordable meal. Similarly, if the meal you choose doesn’t taste very good then you won’t want to make it, which doesn’t save you anything.

The following healthy dinners for less than $5 were selected for the fact that they are affordable, tasty and will fill you up, so you’ll be more likely to benefit from them. The next time you have a five dollar bill in your pocket and want to buy the ingredients for a great meal, consider the following:

Whole grain spaghetti and turkey meatballs – Make enough for the whole family and each serving will cost about $3.50. Add some extra veggies for pennies more per plate.

Simple marinated and roasted chicken – To olive oil, add black pepper, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic, onions and parsley. Let the chicken marinate for several hours. Serve with brown or basmati rice and some snow peas and bell peppers. Every serving is only around $4.50.
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Mango salad with black beans and cilantro – For an incredible $0.50 per serving, this dish has it all. It will satisfy your sweet tooth, your hunger and your body’s need for a great hit of nutrients. If you want to make it even zingier, hit it with some sriracha.

Breakfast egg wraps – Scramble an egg with some red pepper and jalapenos before wrapping it all up in a whole grain tortilla. A spoonful of salsa can make it even more interesting or can make it into a great lunch food. All this for about a dollar.

With meals like these, you’ll have enough green to afford a great meal that just happens to be nutritious at the same time. Start accumulating more and your meal prep and budget will only get easier over time.

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