How to Turn House Cleaning into Full-Body Weight Loss

Full-Body Weight Loss Washing WindowsDo you find that you have a hard time fitting enough full-body weight loss workouts into your lifestyle with so many chores to tackle? Here’s some great news: exercise and getting your chores done are not mutually exclusive! In fact, many of the chores you’ve been putting off can double as fantastic workouts as long as you get to them and put some muscle into them.

Consider the Following Chores Doubling as Full-Body Weight Loss Workouts

The following are some common chores that are easy to put off because you know you need to keep up your full-body weight loss workouts, or that you could be doing as its own form of exercise. The calorie counts listed are based on a person around 150 pounds doing this activity for a half hour.

Scrubbing Your Bathroom – Approx. 200 Calories

Your bathroom is regularly building up a fresh layer of grime. Keeping it regularly cleaned is the best way to ensure that it doesn’t reach the point that it’s difficult to clean. That said, regardless of how much care you put into keeping it sparkling, a truly great scrub is always good for it – and you! Scrub your tub and surround, the toilet, the sink, the countertop and even the floors. Don’t forget to wipe the mirror. All that crouching, reaching and standing is great for full-body weight loss and especially works your core, shoulders and arms.

Grabbing Your Groceries and Carrying them Home – Approx. 190 Calories

Need to pick up a few things at the store? Try leaving the car at home (or at work, if you shop on your lunch hour). Walk over to the store, pick up the items you need and carry them back. You’ll work your arms, shoulders and core by carrying the bags and will work your butt, thighs and calves by walking at a decent pace. How’s that for a decent opportunity for full-body weight loss while getting the job done?

Making Your Bed – Approx. 130 Calories

Have you ever worn a fitness tracker while making a bed on laundry day? If so, it likely surprised you when you saw that it counted as a workout! Stripping the old sheets off the bed, then putting new ones back on involves lots of squatting (don’t bend at the waist when you can squat!), reaching and stretching. Great for the arms, for flexibility and to get that burn going on your lower half.

Washing Windows – Approx. 125 Calories

Getting this dreaded task over with is much more appealing when you realize you’re doing some full-body weight loss in from reaching, lifting and climbing ladders/stepladders.

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