Here’s How a Fasting Diet Helped Chef Chris Santos Lose 30 Pounds

Chris Santos fasting dietChef Chris Santos, best known for being a judge on “Chopped” has used a fasting diet to lose a considerable amount of excess weight. Santos has been a judge on the show for a decade, and his look has dramatically changed over the years.

In fact, in an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Santos explained that he gained 50 pounds over the span of his ten years on the show. He pointed out that it barely felt like anything as it came on. After all, it averages out to about five pounds per year, which is less than a half a pound of extra weight on a monthly basis. At that rate, it would be difficult to notice. That said, it did add up. When it came time to lose, his choice was a fasting diet.

A Chef on a Fasting Diet

Santos moved to the West Coast to oversee the new location of Beauty & Essex in L.A. There, he decided he had to make some changes. To achieve his weight loss goal, he has combined increased plant-based eating with an intermittent fasting diet. He has also significantly cut back on his drinking, particularly in the case of beer. Three times per week, he fasts and he is eating less animal-based foods. From June to October, he managed to lose 30 pounds. Though he still has 20 more pounds to lose, he is certainly progressing quickly.
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During the days in which he practices the fasting diet, he fasts for 16 hours. He decided to take on this strategy after having talked to friends who were successful using the technique. He also pointed out that “And you know, if it works for The Rock, then I got to give it a shot.”

The Potential of an Intermittent Fasting Diet

An intermittent fasting diet has become a popular style of weight loss. It is believed to work because it requires the metabolism to work harder in order to keep up with the pattern of eating and not eating. It doesn’t involve excessive fasting, which can cause the metabolism to slow down in “starvation mode”. Instead, it removes the predictability so that the metabolism never really settles in.

Many doctors and nutrition experts feel that this type of intermittent fasting diet is actually good for the body and better reflects its natural processes. Some even claim that it helps to improve immune function, on top of the benefits it provides to weight loss.

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