Is Drinking Activated Charcoal the Diet Tip You’ve Been Missing?

Drinking Activated Charcoal for Weight LossAmong the hottest wellness trends right now is drinking activated charcoal. That ingredient has been making its way into tons of different natural health categories over the last couple of years. It isn’t anything new. People were using it to whiten their teeth back in Victorian times and earlier.

However, as much as people have been using it topically in various ways, now they are drinking activated charcoal. Its benefits are touted as everything from weight loss to improved immune function.

What Does Drinking Activated Charcoal Claim to Do?

The benefits of drinking activated charcoal differ depending who you ask. It is not considered to be a proven ingredient in terms of most of the claims about it. The reason for which using this substance is most supported has to do with treating certain specific poisonings and overdoses. Moreover, flatulence can often be treated with charcoal capsules.

That said, as this ingredient has become more popular, enthusiasts have started drinking activated charcoal to see how else they may benefit. Many people think they are detoxifying their bodies by using it. That claim then extends to weight loss as people say the body is more efficient at burning fat when detoxified. That said, those claims are not supported by science.
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Does Drinking Activated Charcoal Work?

To date, there is no solid evidence to suggest that drinking activated charcoal will help to rid your body of unwanted regular substances. The claims that say it will help you eliminate pesticides, pollution, herbicides and the impurities from processed foods are entirely unsupported. Perceived benefits are more than likely linked with a placebo effect.

That said, drinking activated charcoal can help you to decrease gas and bloat. This can help to explain why people who drink it feel like they must be detoxed. It also explains why many people think it has helped them to lose weight. Indeed, they feel more energized. They feel better overall. They may also lose a bit of weight and size. This is not because of fat loss and detoxing but because it has eased the levels of excess gas and water retention.

Possible Side Effects

Before you start chugging down the activated charcoal, it’s important to know of the possible downsides. They are minimal, and the risk is somewhat low, but they do impact some people. Most commonly, they include constipation but may also involve diarrhea and vomiting. Be especially careful if you are taking any other supplements or medication as this ingredient can reduce their absorption.

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