Diets for Your Blood Type: What You Should Know

Diets for Your Blood Type

It seems that someone or another has thought of every conceivable weight loss plan, but the diets for your blood type may seem very farfetched indeed. Though eating right is to some extent a matter of listening to your body, this diet plan may take it to more of an extreme.

Should You Believe in Diets for Your Blood Type?

Be careful not to believe all the hype. After all, you want to end up eating right rather than doing something that could merely fool you into thinking you’re losing weight. However, this idea was first promoted by a naturopath and is therefore founded on healthy living to begin with, which is good. In the long term, it’s all about balance.

Comprehending just how diets for your blood type work is a first and important step. Start by looking at what each plan offers and tells you to do so that you have a solid understanding and make healthier choices. The idea is that eating according to what your blood type needs will help you to lose weight naturally and effectively, and even give you more energy in the process. Such a diet plan may also help to lower cholesterol as well as fuel your workouts more effectively. So there are many proposed health benefits to it, and many people are starting to look at this as a viable type of eating plan. You never want to give up good, healthy habits, but making a few minor adjustments can’t really hurt.

They May Help, But on an Extremely Limited Basis

The diets for your blood type vary in terms of what your main focus must be. Type O is focused on a lot of lean protein while type A requires you to avoid meats and focus on loads of fruits and vegetables.

Type B tells you to avoid wheat, and type AB should avoid caffeine and alcohol. Each blood type diet works slightly differently, so this diet plan tells you to limit your eating accordingly. Though you may find that you feel better eating this way, you also want to be certain that you can eat sufficiently for everyday living.  That said, those recommendations can typically help anyone of any type.

What Does the Research Say About Diets for Your Blood Type?

What do studies focused on diets for your blood type show? Interestingly, they did reveal that weight can be lost when following the recommendations…that said, it has nothing to do with your blood type.  In fact, researchers determined that no matter whether you’re A, AB, B, or O, if you follow the recommendations for type A, you’ll drop the most pounds.

The fact of the matter is that your blood type has absolutely nothing to do with the factors that are recommended for each diet.  Diets for your blood type are based on pseudoscience and while the recommendations can seem to make sense on a surface level, when you understand what the typing means and how nutrition works, you can see that they are fully unrelated, particularly in the sense that they would produce weight loss.

The Takeaway

So, can diets for your blood type really work? Can these diets that are catered and customized to your individual blood type help you to lose weight and feel better? There may be some merit to them and using them to some extent may not hurt you. That is, while it has nothing to do with whether you’re A, B, AB, or O, many of the recommendations can help to contribute to healthy weight loss.  They would do so for anyone as they are simply the recommendations typically made to help encourage fat burning for people who are overweight or obese.

The best foundation, after all, is eating a combination of clean and healthy foods within a certain calorie limit as well as working out. You can also throw in stress control and making a priority of quality sleep every night, too. Taking good care of yourself overall is what really matters, and when you can get to that point, you are going to keep the weight off. These types of diets may offer a bit of initial help but shouldn’t be used solely for the long term to keep the weight off, either.

If you’re not sure about how to apply the specifics and which parts of the diets for your blood type – and others for that matter – would be appropriate for you, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor.  He or she will be able to recommend appropriate resources to you, so you can more effectively reach your goals. This may include books, websites or even experts such as nutritionists, dietitians or personal trainers.

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