Dieting Around the World: Tips From Various Destinations

Dieting Around the WorldAs is the case with everything dieting around the world can have some surprising and fascinating variations depending on where you go. While more than one in three American adults are obese, being overweight is hardly something that occurs exclusively in the United States.

Some countries, such as Japan and India, have exceptionally low obesity rates. That said, there are other countries where they are considerably higher than the U.S., even within the Americas. This helps to explain why dieting around the world can look very different from one place to the next.

Consider some of the following ways of dieting around the world and whether or not they might be appropriate for your weight management efforts.

• Japan – There is an important focus placed on food’s appearance in Japanese cuisine. Food is selected to be colorful and seasonal veggies are selected for the most visually appealing plate as well as one with the greatest density of flavors and nutrients. At the same time, portion sizes remain small, providing a high dose of vitamins and minerals without the overwhelming onslaught of calories.
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• France – Despite the fact that France is known for its breads, wines and cheeses, it has a considerably lower rate of both cardiovascular disease and obesity than the U.S. This is because the French focus on the pleasure of eating. Instead of taking down a massive portion of a dessert labeled as “healthy”, they eat small portions of foods they adore and they savor the full sensory experience associated with each bite. Eating is a slow, social event, not something done on the run.

• India – Indian cuisine is an explosion of flavor. Their chefs are masters of spices which add striking and sometimes unexpected flavors and colors, as well as tremendous health advantages. The combination of spices such as ginger, turmeric and various red peppers are used in combination with aromatics such as garlic and onions. These are all known for the reduction of inflammation, heart disease, cholesterol and even certain cancer risks.

• Sweden – The Scandinavian diet is strikingly low on vegetables and yet what it lacks in that food group, it makes up in ultra healthy choices within the other food groups. For example, it’s very common to eat rye bread, which is very high in fiber and is known to be much more filling – and satisfies you for a longer period of time – than white bread.

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