What’s the Best Exercise Equipment to Use at the Office?

Best Exercise Equipment for OfficeBeen googling the best exercise equipment you can use at your desk?  There’s no mystery that we need to stay active regularly throughout the day if we want to be healthy.  However, that can be easier said than done. When your job requires you to sit at your desk for hours on end, you can’t always opt to leap up and run around for a few minutes every half hour.

This has made the hunt for the best exercise equipment for use at the office one of the most popular ones in recent years.  This way, you can do your job and yet still make sure you’re taking care of your body.

What is the Best Exercise Equipment to Use at Your Desk?

When you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time at your desk, check out some of the best exercise equipment you can use right there at the office.  These are beneficial because they don’t require any major expense, space or office culture changes.  They’re not massive treadmill desks that would essentially overhaul your decor and require a substantial chunk out of your budget.

Consider the following when you need to stay stuck to your computer screen all day long.  This way, you’ll get the blood flowing and the muscles moving without needing a break twice per hour.

Balance Cushions

Balance cushions are a simple way to incorporate some of the best exercise equipment for an office into your lifestyle. They don’t cost very much and all you need to do to use them is place them on your office chair and have a seat.  Their design forces your body to continually adjust and remain active in order to keep up your posture.  This naturally helps to improve your stability, balance and agility.

If you usually stand at your job, you can drop it onto the floor and stand on top of it for the same benefits.  This means that many people consider these to be among the best exercise equipment in the office regardless of whether they have a standing or sitting job.

Loop Resistance Bands

Resistance bands in the form of loops can allow you to discreetly do a range of workouts at your desk.  They can be looped around your knees and feet to work out all the parts of your legs, hips and glutes. They’re also very small and light, making them easy to pop into your bag every day if you don’t have the type of job in which you can leave your belongings at your desk.

Weighted Bangles

Big chunky wrist weights may not be all that attractive, but a number of brands have come up with more appealing alternatives.  These are among the best exercise equipment options for the office because you can attach them to your wrists and/or ankles to make each of your movements just that much more challenging for your muscles.  It also means that you can do simple arm or leg raises at your desk and give yourself a better workout than if you were freely moving your limbs without the weights.

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