How to Keep a Weight Loss Journey Blog (and Why)

How to Start a Weight Loss Journey Blog Keeping a weight loss journey blog has become a very popular thing to do.  This is particularly true among people who have decided to try to drop some pounds and want the motivation and encouragement that comes with sharing progress with others.

Why Start a Weight Loss Journey Blog

A weight loss journey blog is essentially a kind of journal or diary that you share with others. Writing things down can be highly motivational and can help you to keep your goals and efforts well defined so you can keep them up over time.

By sharing this with other people online, you have the opportunity to further motivate yourself by knowing that other people will know if you’ve given up.  It is also appealing because you can know that other people who are going through something similar will be motivated by what you’re doing and may even learn from your successes and failures.  Simply jotting things down and putting them out there for others to see may in fact help to improve your success rate.

How to Get Started

Getting started isn’t difficult.  Your goal is to make sure you stand out from the crowd.  Make sure it’s clear you’re not selling anything or are trying to scam anyone. You’re sharing your own experience.  The blogging universe is drowning in scams and sales pitches, so it’s a good idea to be as transparent as you can in showing that this isn’t what you’re about. You’re sharing your journey and that’s it.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Choose a free, easy to use platform for your blog. There are lots out there.
  • Use your own name (even if it’s just your first name, to protect your privacy)
  • Use your real personality. Don’t try to be someone else. Be you. It’s far more rewarding and will help you to define your weight loss journey blog from the rest.
  • Don’t make promises. Share your journey. Share your experience. Leave the claims and promises to medical professionals.
  • Post regularly. You may feel inclined to post all the time at first.  That will get old very fast.  It’s better to be regular about your posts – even if they’re once per week, once per two weeks or even once per month – keeping them up and being on time with them than it is to post a lot at first and then fizzle out. Go for quality and regularity over quantity. It will be far more appealing to your readers.

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