What Goes into a Great Weight Loss 30 Minute Workout?

Weight Loss 30 workoutWhat should you make sure you find in your weight loss 30 minute workout? When you know you need to exercise to burn unwanted body fat, your goal is to use every second to its fullest.  After all, who has the time (or fitness level) to spend all day trying to exercise?

The Components of a Weight Loss 30 Minute Workout Change from Day to Day

Overall, your weight loss 30 minute workout needs to achieve certain goals.  On any given day, it should accomplish one or several of the following.

  • Calorie/fat burning
  • Lean muscle preservation/building
  • Strength building
  • Flexibility and balance training

Each of these goals is equally important, even if it looks like the fat and calorie burning component should have the top priority.  The reason is that they are all intertwined.  The more you build your muscle and strength, for example, the better you will perform during fat burning workouts.  The better your balance and flexibility, the less likely you are to injure yourself during workouts, so you won’t be as likely to face setbacks for healing.

What Exercises Should You Choose?

The exercises you choose for your awesome weight loss 30 minute workout depend on your fitness level, preference, and goals.  Overall, you should try to make sure you get 4-5 cardio sessions per week, around 2 strength training sessions per week and at least 1 flexibility or balance training session.

In terms of flexibility and balance, yoga is always a great choice.  If you’re new to the practice, choose a beginner class or video.  Find a style you enjoy, whether it involves holding the poses for a long time or whether you prefer the flowing style of vinyasa.  You’ll find it makes a difference for your flexibility and balance, but also your strength and even your mental health and ability to sleep well at night.

Your cardio can include everything from a brisk walk to a jog or run, or a good swim or spin class.  If you love to dance, go for it.  Whatever activity you enjoy doing for a half hour and that gets your heart rate and respiration up, do that.  Mix it up to avoid getting bored.

Strength training can include anything from free weights to gym machines.  If you’ve never done this before, a personal trainer’s advice can make all the difference.  Booking a session to have a routine or two planned out for you will be exceptionally helpful. Be sure too underscore that a weight loss 30 minute workout is your goal.

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