How to Get Trim and Toned for Spring Break

Get Toned for Spring Break

Are thoughts of looking toned for spring break creeping into your head? It’s hard to believe that spring break is actually just around the corner, but it is! As much as we all look forward to the fun and excitement, it also means that many of us will need to shed the massive sweaters we’ve been hiding behind for months. If that’s not motivation to get back into shape, nothing is!

Getting Toned for Spring Break

Fortunately, there is still time to get trim and toned for spring break. The earlier you get started, the better. Begin today to think about how you plan to be trim and toned by the time spring break actually hits. You can be beach body ready within that span of time if you’re dedicated to the right healthy lifestyle tips. Some assistance from sport supplements like TRIMTHIN X700 can also help you reach that goal.

Tips to Get Toned for Spring Break the Realistic Way

Use the following to get you going on the right foot so that you’ll be prepared to toss the sweater and hop into the bikini instead.

Start now 

The longer you wait to get started, the less time you’ll have to tone up and trim down. When you’re running out of time to get toned for spring break, you’ll be more likely to try to take on an unhealthy fad diet instead of an eating and exercising strategy that is actually good for you. The earlier you begin, the less drastic you’ll feel you need to be to achieve your goal in time.

Be realistic

Even if you’re giving yourself as much time as possible, it’s important to be realistic about the goals you’re setting. Should you expect to lose 25 pounds in 6 weeks? Likely not. Even if you did, whatever method you’d used to achieve it will only cause the weight to pile back on again and will make it even harder for you to control the pounds later on. Instead, set a goal that won’t put your future health and weight management at risk. Aiming for two pounds per week is much more reasonable.

Get to love cardio 

Since cardio is the best kind of exercise for losing weight, you may as well decide that you love it. Try to do five cardio workouts per week and make each one about a half hour long to get toned for spring break. This should involve a workout that really gets your blood pumping. If you’re able to speak comfortably by the end of the workout, you haven’t worked hard enough. You should be out of breath by the end, to the point that you can’t speak at a normal rate. Try to vary your workouts so that they don’t get boring. Great options include cycling, swimming and even brisk walks. Running and jogging are also fantastic options, as is an elliptical.

Leave junk food behind 

To give your results super speed, drop junk food altogether. Meet your dietary fat requirements with healthy fats and avoid the bad ones – and added sugars – as much as realistically possible. All take-out, processed foods, soda and juice is banned. Instead, opt for healthy, whole foods made primarily of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins as well as small amounts of healthy fat.

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