Top Workout Accessories and Tools to Give at Christmas

Top Workout Accessories Gifts 2018

For the fitness lover on your list, the top workout accessories and tools will make a great gift at Christmastime. This can include anything from yoga mats to winter running socks and from the latest eco-friendly water bottle design or even a great bag for all the recipient’s gear.

While the fitness buff on your list likely already has lots of great workout clothes and the specific equipment they need, the top workout accessories will be a welcome addition. These help to make workouts more convenient, more fun, more comfortable, or simply better overall.

Check out the following top workout accessories ideas to help you with your list.

A Great Bag or Backpack

Whether your gift recipient goes to the gym or a yoga class, the right bag will make a huge difference. This top workout accessories idea can range widely in cost. Make sure you know what kinds of things will need to be stashed inside before you make your purchase.

A yoga sling may be all that is needed if the gift recipient will be carrying a yoga mat, a towel and a water bottle. On the other hand, if an entire change of clothing and items for the showers will be needed, a larger bag or even a backpack may be preferred. Consider how they will be getting to and from the gym, too. A sling is fantastic for walking but not so great on a bike.

Headphones for the Music Loving Athlete

Music can make all the difference when it comes to daily workout motivation. It can motivate you as you power through strength training or cardio. It can also calm you and help you regain your focus during cool downs. The right headphones that stay in place and provide great sound are an easy favorite on top workout accessories lists. Wireless options are top options since they’re less likely to get caught on something and fall out or break.

Weight Loss Tracking Gadgets (the top workout accessories this year!)

If you’re aiming to give the top workout accessories this year, then looking into weight loss tracking gadgets.  These can come in many different forms, so it’s a good idea for you to understand your gift recipient’s weight loss strategy or – even better – whether they are already interested in a specific type of product or model.

There are various forms of trackers out there.  While many people assume that the ubiquitous wrist-worn trackers are the only option, there are several types of alternative out there that your recipient might love just as much or more. Consider the types of trackers that your recipient may love as a first tracker, to replace an old one, or as a complement to existing gadgets they already love.

  • Wrist-worn trackers
  • Smartwatches with tracking apps
  • Smart scales that measure more than pounds and that connect with apps
  • Smart jewelry that track as a pendant or waistband clip

Gift Cards to Sports and Fitness Stores are Top Workout Accessories!

If you’re not exactly sure what your recipient needs, then one of the top workout accessories you can buy is a gift card. Choose a store you know the recipient loves and buy a gift card in any amount you want. You can gift it as it is, or you can tell the recipient that you have a specific gift in mind but would like him or her to pick it out. That way, you know that if you want to give a bike helmet, it will be the right size and color. Same can be said about any clothing, shoes, or gadgets the recipient might want.

With these top workout accessories on your shopping list, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for everyone you’re exchanging with this year. Make sure to start early before the top finds are sold out, and to be sure you get the best deals, too!