Workouts at Your Desk That Help You Lose Weight

lose weight with workouts at your desk

We all get so busy in a day.  It’s no wonder that finding time to exercise is tough.  Still, there are workouts at your desk that can help. Even when you think you are short on time, there is a way to squeeze in a great workout.

This is great for those who work a desk job and therefore feel as if they are just sitting all day long. The good news is that there are simple exercises that can help you to take the edge off and ensure that you get fit, even on limited time. You can enjoy these movements and you never even have to leave the comfort or common spot of your own desk.

Equipping for Workouts at Your Desk that Help You Lose Weight

Your equipment can be as simple as:

  • An inflatable exercise ball,
  • A set of hand weights.

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As you consider workouts at your desk it can help to have a few simple tools right at your desk with you. Many will tell you that having an exercise ball is a great tool to help assist your workouts. You can push your chair aside and sit on the exercise ball. Trying to balance and stabilize yourself will be exercise enough. You can also use the exercise ball for support as you move through push ups or sit-ups, as it helps to give you some sort of foundation.

You may also find that having a couple of light weights helps to add resistance to simple exercises. Also, you can perform bicep curls for example while you are on the phone without even giving it much thought.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

If you have the room and means by which you can workout at your desk with a bit of room, then you can get a bit more intricate with your movements. You can bring in a jump rope and use that on a break or during lunch.

You can do simple combination moves such as:

  • Jumping jacks,
  • Burpees, and
  • Mountain climbers

These can be accomplished right at your desk as long as you have the room to do so. The workouts at your desk don’t have to be too involved to help you to torch calories. You just need a few minutes here and there throughout your day, and the willingness to perform these movements even if others are around.

Keeping Workouts at Work Simple

If you want to keep the workouts at your desk simple, then just keep it to those that you can perform without a ton of extra tools or effort. You can use free weights during a conference call to tone upper and lower body parts. Simple squats and lunges, or even shoulder presses and tricep dips can be done with very little but your own body.

Just use the space that you have and focus on a different body part each day. Not only can this help you to get fit when you’re in a hurry, but it may also help you to break up your day in a nice healthy way as well.