Secrets to Staying Slim After 30

secrets to Staying Slim After 30Turning thirty comes with a unique time in your life. You fall into a certain category where you’re not a part of the college crowd anymore, but you’re too youthful to be a part of the anti-aging category of consumers. Thirty-somethings often find themselves having to work out their own challenges as programs, products and companies target other age groups. For this reason, staying slim after 30 years of age can seem somewhat challenging.

It’s easy to feel like your own as very few resources are geared toward your specific needs. That said staying slim after 30 doesn’t actually have to be that difficult. You still have a considerable advantage on your side. Moreover, much of your strategy isn’t really a matter of doing anything drastic. It primarily consists of dropping some of the bad habits you’ve clung to from your recklessness a decade ago.

It’s true that staying slim after 30 isn’t quite as easy as it was in your twenties, when it felt like you could burn through calories without any effort at all. However, your body is still young and your metabolism is still running efficiently. Therefore, if you take good care of yourself, your body will take care of you in return.

If you’re over thirty years old and are looking to stop yourself from gaining weight, you’re going to have to think of this as the opportunity to live like a grown-up.

· Cut the junk food – you may have been able to eat chips and take-out for virtually every meal in your past, but as young as you still are, your body simply can’t deal with that in the same way anymore. You need to focus on a better nutrient density in your foods. Sure, you can still enjoy a slice of cheesecake or a bag of movie popcorn on occasion, but start to think of these as a treat for now and again instead of a regular part of your diet.
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For each meal, load half your plate with fruits and/or veggies. One quarter of your plate should be whole grains and another quarter should be protein. That will help you to get the nutrients you need for a healthy, energized and slim body.

· Get off your butt – after sitting down at the computer all day long at work, don’t think you can sink into the couch and stay there until bedtime. You need a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise each day to be healthy with the right body weight. This may just mean taking a half hour walk right after work, or a fifteen minute walk before work and another fifteen minutes afterward. Either way, get moving.

Do cardio four or five days per week, strength training twice per week and stretching such as yoga at least once per week. This will help you to keep yourself strong, keep your waist slim, improve your posture and maintain your bone mass. It can even help you to avoid depression, which can help you to prevent weight gain at the same time.

If you need a hand getting started, TrimThin X-700 can help you to speed up your metabolism and amp up your energy levels each day.

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