5 Exercises that Make Great Plyometrics for Beginners

3 plyometrics for beginnersGetting started with plyometrics for beginners is a great way to help you to make sure you’re getting your full workout while avoiding injury at the same time.  The interesting thing about this type of movement is that many people just getting started with them have been serious athletes for years.  It’s a style that has been broadly overlooked, but that is now making its way into the mainstream due to the powerful benefits they have to offer.

Don’t be Intimidated by Plyometrics for Beginners

Plyometrics for beginners can feel intimidating, but don’t let those initial impressions hold you back. This type of exercise has to do with explosive bounding and jumping as well as other forms of movement that require you to rapidly use a lot of force.  Endurance and recreational athletes often forget about this type of movement as it doesn’t fit obviously into a routine that has a specific target in mind.

That said, by adding some plyometrics for beginners into your workout routine, you’ll enjoy a spectrum of additional benefits that you just won’t get from typical cardio or strength training workouts.

Which Exercises Are the Best Plyometrics for Beginners?

These types of exercises vary widely in complexity and challenge. That said, there are quite a few that are perfect plyometrics for beginners as they are quite simple to master safely.  Furthermore, the training time you require to do them properly and benefit from them is low as they are explosive and need only a few repetitions before they’re already helping with fitness and strength.

Even plyometrics for beginners can help to make improvements to your bones, muscles, connective tissues, cardiovascular system and neuromuscular system. These bursts of movement help to improve power, build muscle, enhance balance and coordination, and provide a range of other advantages.  The type of stimulus these movements provide to the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal systems is different from other forms of cardiovascular, strength or resistance training.

Even though this type of exercises is safe for most fitness levels and ages, it’s still always a good idea to talk to a doctor before you begin any new type of workout strategy. This will help you to know with confidence that it is safe and appropriate for you to repeat this type of movement.

Exercises to Add to Your Workout

The following explosive movements can make great additions to your workout as plyometrics for beginners.

  1. Jump squats
  2. Burpees
  3. Box jumps
  4. Bounding
  5. Plyometric push-ups


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