What Music and Weight Loss Studies Have Discovered

music and weight loss studies findingsMusic and weight loss studies have been conducted for some time now. Interestingly, the results they’ve provided have been exceptionally varied and frequently conflicting. There are many reasons for this, each of which make a great deal of sense when you take a moment to consider them.

After all, attempting to conduct music and weight loss studies involves many different factors. The types of music, alone, would require a massive number of participants, resources and time simply to find out if there is a difference between the impact of classical versus pop or country. Moreover, different songs – let alone types of music – impact individuals very differently. While you might be moved to tears by a certain tune, your best friend might be rolling her eyes.

Have music and weight loss studies found anything conclusive at all that could be helpful to dieters? Yes. Though not in the way that you might think. There isn’t any specific song or type of music that has been scientifically linked to losing weight more quickly. No matter what claims you may read about tunes with alpha waves and binaural rhythms, they have never been conclusively proven in any large, published, reputable study to have been directly linked with meaningful, measurable weight loss.

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Similarly, research has also indicated that using music with a rapid beat during exercise can be motivational. People can push through a longer workout and can keep up a better performance when listening to the right music. Furthermore, many people also find that their workouts are less boring when they listen to music at the same time, which makes them more driven to complete more workouts instead of skipping them.

These types of effects may not cause the weight loss on their own, but they can have a meaningful impact on the potential success of an individual’s other efforts to lose weight. The key is to choose the right types of music for your unique needs at the times when you need them.

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