Top 3 Strangest Medical Procedures to Treat Obesity

Strange Medical Procedures to Treat ObesityObesity is a painful condition that can be very difficult to overcome. Dieting and exercising can mean massive lifestyle changes and can bring on very slow results. This can be frustrating and can mean that a dieter can lose motivation.

This can lead dieters to try any number of other efforts to give themselves an advantage. This can help overcome the struggles with weight loss. These can include everything from diet pills to medical procedures.

While there are some medical procedures that are considered to be more commonplace – such as bariatric surgery – there are some that seem much stranger. Consider the following three bizarre medical procedures meant specifically for the treatment of obesity:

· Gastric sleeve

Also known as sleeve gastrectomy, this is a medical procedure for obesity treatment in which the patient’s stomach is tremendously reduced. Once the procedure is complete, the stomach is only about 15 percent of the original size. Much of the rest of the stomach is actually removed. The outcome is a structure that looks like a sleeve. This is a permanent procedure that is meant to make the stomach smaller so the patient won’t be able to eat as much.
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· Gastric balloon

Also known as the weight loss balloon, this procedure involves having a deflated balloon inserted into the stomach through the esophagus. This is done non-surgically as an outpatient procedure. Once the deflated balloon is placed in the stomach, a syringe is inserted to fill the balloon with sterile saline solution. The point is to fill the stomach so the patient will feel more full and won’t be able to eat as much food. The position of the balloon may need to be adjusted if side effects occur. The balloon slowly deflates and is replaced as needed. This is meant to be a procedure that is not invasive.

· Gastric band

Also known as laparoscopic gastric binding, this medical procedure occurs when a surgeon places a band around the stomach’s upper portion. The goal is to create a kind of pocket in which the food will be held. In this way, the gastric band reduces the amount of food the patient can eat. They feel full much faster than they otherwise would and will therefore eat less.

For people who aren’t ready to go quite as far as surgical and medical procedures, there are diet pills like TrimThin X700 with clinically studied ingredients to support healthy weight management.

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