Yes, Calorie-Packed Olive Oil Can Help You Lose Weight

Olive Oil Can Help You Lose Weight Saying that olive oil can help you to lose weight can seem counter intuitive. After all, it’s packed with calories. In fact, it contains more calories than butter! Still, it is also packed with some extremely healthy properties that produce some benefits you may never have expected from a fat.

Olive oil is a staple in the Mediterranean where it is used in a wide spectrum of both cooked and raw foods. Studies have shown that olive oil also offers a number of supportive benefits to help you lose weight. Of course, drinking olive oil (or one of the greatly-hyped lemon juice and olive oil shots) is not going to produce a measurable difference in your weight – except perhaps by bringing it up by dosing you with too many calories. However, it can help you lose weight when used strategically.

What is So Special About Olive Oil?

Olive oil contains a very high amount of mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Research indicates that these can help to regulate blood clotting and keep blood sugar levels under control. This can play an important role in the proper digestion of food and in keeping hunger pangs down and your mood level. The vitamin E in this oil can also help to support healthy skin. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that may help to ease symptoms of a number of conditions. At the same time, when combined with exercise and an overall proper diet, it can help you lose weight.

How Can Olive Oil Help You Lose Weight?

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The healthy fats and the other nutrients it contains – including oleic acid, which is packed with antioxidants – make it a top choice among healthy fats. It’s a lovely option for lightly cooking veggies and makes a beautiful base for sauces and dressings.

The monounsaturated fatty acids (M.U.F.A.) are good for heart health, help to control blood sugar levels and are also what is responsible for being able to help you lose weight. They assist in making sure fat-soluble vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body and promote a feeling of satiety. This means that foods that contain olive oil can help to fill you up more effectively. As such, they also make it easier for you to avoid overeating or binging on foods you shouldn’t.

Still, since it is very high in calories, make sure that your olive oil is used in small doses. A little goes a long way. It can help you lose weight, but only if it isn’t the reason, you’re eating far more calories than you should each day.

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