These are Their Favorite Healthy Breakfast Choices

Healthy Breakfast from ExpertsWhen it comes to healthy breakfast foods, everyone seems to have their own opinion. Whether you’re an expert or just enjoy that first meal of the day, the odds are that you feel strongly about what is the best option.

That said, according to most doctors, there really isn’t a single healthy breakfast choice. Instead, it’s a matter of finding what works best for you and what appeals to your taste and nutrition needs at the same time. Recent research can give you many forms of additional guidance. However, learning what experts like in real life can help you to make your own choices.

Consider What These Experts Consider a Healthy Breakfast

  • Registered dietitian and certified fitness trainer Shari Portnoy – She prefers to choose a liquid for a first meal of the day. She says that a healthy breakfast in liquid form will be absorbed more quickly and provide the body with the fuel it needs. If she plans to work out, she generally drinks milk, prune juice and half a banana for breakfast. She also keeps water with her all the time.
  • Certified personal trainer and registered yoga instructor Julia Chan – She enjoys something sweet and satisfying as a healthy breakfast. She gave the example of a coconut milk based chia seed pudding with smashed raspberries, coconut shavings and gluten-free granola. She also enjoys Paleo chocolate blueberry pancakes.
  • Weight loss specialist and certified personal trainer Michael Jodscheidt – His preference is for a meal you’re likely to actually make and eat. So he makes his meals ahead of time, including overnight oats with added nuts and fruit, or Greek yogurt with oats. He’ll also eat hard boiled eggs and coffee.
  • U.S.A. cycling expert coach Menachem Brodie – He described the standard breakfast he recommends for cycling team members is a 16 ounce shake that is made of yogurt (200 grams of 1.5 percent fat), a quarter cup of frozen blueberries, a quarter cup of frozen cherries and half a cup of chocolate almond milk. It also includes 8 ounces of coffee made in a French press with milk.

Healthy Breakfast for an Active Lifestyle

These experts all base their healthy breakfast choices on the needs of healthy adults who are keeping up a healthy lifestyle. If you are trying to choose the right options for yourself, make sure it is based on your schedule, preferences, personal taste and the amount of activity you’ll be doing that day, particularly early in the morning.

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